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A couple of quick (temporary) fixes

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  • A couple of quick (temporary) fixes

    1. choke rod rattle: rotate upper grommet at dash 1/4 or more turn to eliminate uneven wear.
    2. repro LED (plastic) tail lights: stainless doors don't fit perfectly; add a 2nd lens door gasket so as not to have to trim plastic (see vendors' acknowledgment in catalogues)

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    DON'T slam your doors TOO HARD & create MORE RATTLES!
    Sit STILL & don't wear out your EXPENSIVE Seats.
    Don't rest your arm on the DOOR & wear off the PAINT.
    Don't carry 900 things on your KEYRING.
    Clean the Dog Crap from yo' shoes, before entering.
    Push in the DIPSTICK, FULLY, before posting a "NEW OIL LEAK"????
    Turn on the GAS VALVE, before posting a "NO START".
    Dad Perfect


    • canadian
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      Hey Dad , don't forget to make sure your windshield is wet before operating wiper/wipers.. and never use your horn until the Blondes smile first...Love your sense of humour, thanks for the laugh I needed one.

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    Rotate your round hood bumpers 180 degrees to give the latches fresh uncompressed rubber to rest on
    4~ Tudor's
    1~ Coupe

    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


    • plyfor
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      good idea; however, we replaced the SW 31 triangle shapes from years of service because they're were imprints left in the paint.

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    What about the white tie straps to hold the front bumper? Or is this one too soon? Jeff
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Put the locking mechanism on the backside out of view. It will look much better that way.

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    Pour cat litter on the garage floor until you get that leaky (_____fill-in-the-blank_____) fixed.


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      My question today, when it comes to priming and painting, do I paint with the doors on, or should remove the doors and paint the doors separately?
      At a class I took at a Votech school, the instructor thought...
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