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    Today I attended a model t ford clinic, where we discussed the kc warford transmissions and others as well as various brakes etc. We had about 150 folks here and to my surprise quite a few younger folks as well. They got to talking about tours and how to get other clubs involved when the opportunity presented itself I promoted the vff I told them about how this forum is set up many talked about the very things we discuss here only a related. I invited them to join our forum post their pics and knowledge in the model t ford section. This was new to them I handed out cards to chapter members and key people to get the word out I took all the cards I had and was shocked at how many folks were there as well as seeing folks I had not seen in years. So I had a great time and hopefully we can get the T section of the vff more active. I asked the various editors of the different clubs to mention us in their newsletters, I also gave them my e-mail to contact me if they needed more info or had questions. The response seemed to be very good so we will see where this goes.

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    Years ago there was something on Layne's web site about making a Warford for the AA but I guess that never happened.



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      Bob I wondered about that myself, Elmer Layne John's dad came up with this and they build a beautiful unit, not being familiar with the AA truck would you use it as an auxillary to the 4 speed transmission?

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    Well done BNCHIEF, getting the T forum more active would be fantastic. Jeff
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      I screwed up a rear grease seal trying to install it. Next time I will use the Tool Tip #16 from Mitch.
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      • Mitch
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        The tool works perfect, it's worth the $

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      Originally posted by CarlG View Post
      I screwed up a rear grease seal trying to install it. Next time I will use the Tool Tip #16 from Mitch.
      Years ago I messed up the first Model A rear wheel seal I tried to install. I hadn't yet heard that they were being made oversized and needed to be ground or sanded to a bit smaller diameter. It never pays to force something into place.


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        Use Vaseline.

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      I did the same thing.


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