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Rear hub seal

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  • Rear hub seal

    Anyone have the commercial part number for the Rear Hub Seal?
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    What year and which seal?

    My 1931 Parts Price List shows:
    AA-1175-AR............Rear wheel grease retainer assembly.................1928-9
    AA-1175-B...............Rear wheel grease retainer assembly.................1930-1


    • CarlG
      CarlG commented
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      It's a 1931. Most of the vendors list it as A-1175. The seal I had is stamped 75AS. The local parts houses just look at me like a calf looking at a brand new gate.

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    Carl, are you wanting to purchase locally? Needing an auto parts store part number? I don’t have :-(


    • CarlG
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      Yea, if possible. I screwed up one getting it in and didn't have an extra. I ordered another one, but it won't be here till later next week. Was hoping to have things buttoned up before then. I'm also checking guys in my club to "borrow" one till mine comes in.

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    Motion Industries in Anchorage (907) 563-5565 ...Timken 450096


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      Wish I could help.


      • BNCHIEF
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        Carl would let you pick it up and pay for it I'm sure.

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