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    Started putting the generator back together after detailing it, correct bolts etc i bought a Generator pulley bolt from Brattons, the description says that the 30-31 generator takes the big headed black bolt and black star washer......but in trying to put the pulley back on with the new bolt and washer, the bolt isn't long enough. The generator i rebuilt is period correct for the A there a different pulley?????? everything i read says no....when i put the pulley on the generator it bottoms out and hits the split ring that is right before the housing.......isn't this supposed to be a wedge fit??? not sure what to do, is they pulley wrong/wore out or the shaft on the generator bad???

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    Wooohooo figured it out.....disregard


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      Don't be embarrassed..................enlighten us .
      Paul in CT


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        I bet he just turned the pulley around and placed the spacer where it belongs.
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          LOL OK OK In READING not skimming the judging standard books there IS a long taper pulley (Type 4) from June 29 to march 30 and then there is a short taper pulley (type 5) from April 30 to the end I have the long taper pulley not the short thats why the bolt will not start!!
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            Good for you
            Everyone should have a copy of it.
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              The bolt size also changed when the length of the taper changed in March 1930. Be sure to buy a longer bolt to thread to the bottom of the threads when you use a puller or hammer to tap the pulley loose. I've seen way too much damage done to the armature taper by pressing or tapping against it. I keep a 1/4 x 1 1/2" fine thread bolt, and a 5/16 x 1 1/2" fine thread bolt handy to press against when I remove a pulley or bearing.


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