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how to install starter with modern bendix

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  • how to install starter with modern bendix

    my Bendix broke today the local suppler only had the modern Bendix in stock went to put on the car and I can not get it to clear the fly wheel do I have to remove the water port on side of engine to get it to go in straight
    1930 tudor

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    Kevin, you don't HAVE to remove the inlet neck but it helps. Mostly you need to make sure the bendix is all the way to the end of the stop while holding your tongue just right. Personally, I remove the inlet neck because my tongue is broke and won't get to that sweet spot. Besides, I have added a bit of tubing to my coolant drain so I can capture all the water I drain out and it only cost me a gasket.
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      I went out and looked at it again and I removed the oil dip stick and it went right in I feel dumb
      1930 tudor


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        don't feel dumb, I had the exact same thing happen, it ended up being easier than I thought!


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          I've seen some starter drives that have a pin to keep the pinion locked in until the engine fires up and spins the drive fast enough to throw the pin out of the pocket and then spin the drive back out of engagement.
          Is this "modern" Model A drive built this way also?


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