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drain hole position on axle housing

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    drain hole position on axle housing

    Just wanted to make sure I have the axle housing in correct position with the drain hole at the most bottom location. Les Andrews book states the weld on the drivers side housing should face to front of vehicle. With my drain holes at bottom position both welds are facing the bottom. What say you ? Where should the drain hole be ? Note on my housings both holes line up directly with the welds


    The drains in the axles housings should be opposite the perch correct? The perch should go straight up 12:00 and the axle drains will be at 6:00
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      The axle tube drain back holes? should be at the bottom, aligning with the center housing ( banjo). My axle tubes the welds are on top, the spring had worn a hole into the weld that I had to repair. The PO had warped friction tape around it to hide the hole :-(


        FWIW: I have an original March 1930 coupe with longitudinal welds facing upwards on axle housings; and about 20 years ago bought an extra, spare 1929 differential, however the welds were facing forward.

        According to "Revised 1997" Judging standards,page 4-7:

        a) First 1,000 axle housings, no welds; b) After first 1,000 through March 1929, weld faced forward; c)The weld faced upward beginning in November 1928 until end of production; d) Beginning in March 1929 through March 1930, the weld faced downward. (It was also noted that there could be some overlaps.)

        From the beginning of production until about mid-1930, the differential filler plug was located at the center of the housing.

        Thereafter the filler plug was offset to one side. Most plugs were cast steel with a square hole measuring approximately 7/16". Both style plugs may be unfinished or raven. Some late 1928 cars may have a slot in the plug instead of a square hole.


          Thanks guys, just wanted to make sure. very good information from all three of you. appreciate your speedy replies