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New Gasket Material for Warped Manifolds

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  • New Gasket Material for Warped Manifolds

    I saw this being discussed on another car site today. It comes precut for many engines, or you can cut your own.

    "They are called "Remflex", and they are 1/8" thick, but when torqued down, compress to half that thickness."

    Anyone else heard of this stuff, or used it?

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    Just took 9 warped exhaust manifolds in with the rest of the scrap iron. Had 3 originals that were usable and 3 heater manifolds that were not warped. Doubt I will ever need any more than that. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


    • Mitch
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      Here is the link.

      Finally! An exhaust gasket that really works! 100% graphite construction means Remflex gaskets can take the heat-up to 3,000º F! A built-in 50% crush allows Remflex gaskets to fill gaps in headers or exhaust manifolds up to 1/16-inch inch. No more leaks…ever! Remflex gaskets are designed to rebound against the sealing surfaces, so they never require re-tightening! 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If, for any reason you aren't satisfied with Remflex exhaust gaskets, return them within six months of purchase, along with proof of purchase and receipt, and we'll either replace them or give you your money back! That's the Remflex Performance Promise.

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    Can you have a manifold planed down so it is flat and square?


    • 2manycars
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      I use a large belt sander to reface manifolds. Be sure to wear a mask. The cast iron dust is not healthy to breath.

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    I guesse I should have used the word sagged. Where the rear of manifold sags and the ports are out of line to the point that the gasket will leak. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


    • 2manycars
      2manycars commented
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      I have seen articles in the past on how to make a jig to bend the manifold back after heating, but with the high quality reproduction manifolds supplied by the high quality suppliers (you know what I mean) there is no need to try to fix really warped manifolds.

    • Rowdy
      Rowdy commented
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      Exactly, that is why I scrapped the 9 I had. Seen no need to save them and try to straighten them. Rod

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    All you need is STRAIGHT Manifolds & the PROVEN, Copper Laminated Gaskets----That's just COMMON SENSE!


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      Here's a LINK to another car forum discussing Remflex gasket failures. Snake Oil in solid form??
      Mechanical engineering 101: If you put an adjustment knob, screw, bolt, or tolerance specs on something, some people will immediately fiddle with it. If you mark it DO NOT TOUCH everyone will mess with it.


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        Rosebud and an angle iron jig..or scrap'em,its up to you...modern gasket maker compounds handle exhaust manifold applications.


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          Tom, you probably saw the post that I put on the SDC forum, recommending the Remflex gaskets. I used them on an Olds 455 engine in my classic GMC motorhome, and they are holding where everything else that I tried had failed. As I mentioned, those manifolds run really hot, and warp badly (and quickly) in that application. Even the solid soft copper gaskets blow out about the time I get to the grape vine hard pull. So far, with about 5k miles, the Remflex is holding. Many other GMC MH owner's are having good success with them, with zero failures reported. Therefore, I thought the Studebaker manifold, being similar in construction, would work well with them.

          (Without going into too much detail, these Olds manifolds are unique to the motorhome, not being reproduced, run hotter than they should, what with power improvements and what not, and warp about as fast as they are resurfaced, making for a big leaking problem. Most eventually have to go to headers due to cracks, which also leak. Remflex is working well on both.)

          That said, you notice that I did NOT post a recommendation for them on this forum. That is because I don't feel this model A is a good application for them. The Olds and Studebaker manifolds have a fairly wide sealing surface, whereas the model A sealing surface is quite narrow in comparison. Being as thick as they are I'd worry about them holding with that in mind. I feel that Remflex can take the heat and have some spring back, but they might not have the strength needed for a narrow seating area. But that is just my opinion, and nothing more.

          My "experience" tells me there are good applications for Remflex gaskets, my "opinion" tells me that the model A probably is not one of those. In the future, I'll try to keep my recommendations to myself, lest others misinterpret/miss apply them.

          CB the Wonderful


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            Corley, yes, that's where I saw mention of it. No one recommended it for the Model A, and I was just asking if anyone had heard of it, as it was new to me. Anyway it sure sounds expensive. I know what you mean about warped manifolds, and some GM engines had a reputation of warped exhaust manifolds. When I worked at the Chevy dealership I had to overhaul a big block, and knew how those manifolds liked to warp. I let the engine completely cool to room temp before taking anything apart, and still when I went to install the exhaust manifolds I could get the bolts all started until I used a rosebud torch to warp the manifold back to straight.

            I never could figure out how it came off great at room temp, but wouldn't bolt back on at the same room temp.
            And, then there are a number of cars that used no exhaust gaskets at all.
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            • BILL WILLIAMSON
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              Datsun Z- car manifolds would shrink in length & shear off the 2 end studs & leak like a SIEVE!
              Some early G.M. cars, with a double wall headpipe, would melt the inner pipe SHUT & only run 17 MPH! (SSSST-SSSST!)
              Dad Noisy
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