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Thermostats for the Model A

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  • Thermostats for the Model A

    I have purchased two thermostats from two vendors (exact same thermostat) and both failed (stuck closed) within a matter of a few weeks. These are the 10 to 11 dollar thermostats sold by the popular vendors. Has anyone else had a similar experience with these? My radiator is clean and in good shape, and the water passages in the block have been flushed out twice. Suggestions?

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    Welcome to the VFF

    Have you tried testing it in hot water? Is this the style stat that sits inside the upper hose? Was it installed in the proper direction?
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      We have not had any reports with issues on these

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    Hey tjnknox, WELCOME to the VFF!!

    I personally don't use a stat. I find the problem more the time the water is in the radiator to cool it. What I have done with great success placed a 1¾" washer with the hole turned out to 1" to just slow the water leaving the radiator down so it has more time to cool it before exiting.

    Hmmm, gives me an idea...why not put the stat in the exit of the radiator.................hmmmmm
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      Here is a link to our thermostat tech page
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      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"
      "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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        I don't have a thermostat, yet, but after a short drive (3 or 4 miles) I use an infrared thermometer to check temps. I usually find the front of the head around 145, the rear about 150 and the lower hose pipe about 125. Based on those results, a thermostat in the lower hose may cause an overheated engine.


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          Sounds like you may need one in the upper hose

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          One of my winter projects is a Vintage Precision Thermostat housing. Then I can install my temp gauge and run a line for the hot water heater that is another of my winter projects. Only problem, I seem to be running out of winter before I run out of projects.

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        I use a thermostat in the top hose, and place it as close as possible to the head. I also drill a couple 1/8" holes in the stat so the hot coolant flows by it, and will heat the wax pellet when the temp reaches 180*. Here's a picture showing the barbed part I cut from a 2" PVC coupling. Never mind the drier sock in the radiator hose, as that was a failed attempt to make a filter to catch rust particles before they enter the radiator. The drier sock tore and blocked some radiator tubes, so now I use a fine brass screen.

        The heavy brass part is a tool I made to remove and install the rear bushing. Also shown is the locking collar and nylon thrust washer used to control the end play. I like that better than using the head casting to keep the shaft from moving rearward.

        Water Pump Parts.jpg


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          Modern Thermostats RARELY ever FAIL!!!!----A Model A Suppliers' sleeved thermostat, in the upper end of the upper hose, works GREAT. NO extra drilled HOLES are needed. Make sure the cupped valve faces UP!!! Minerva did fine for over 12,000 Miles, with a 160 Degree thermostat, this way!!!!
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            YES, BN,
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          I had a thermostat fail after a few months and bought an engine overhaul because of it! Put in another & doing fine now.


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            I use a 180 t stat in the upper hose and have had no problems.


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              You can research the MOST dependable car out there & some JACKASSES will BAD MOUTH IT!!!---Like, "It only had 37,000 miles & it SLUDGED up SO bad, it wouldn't RUN"!!---Dumb Ass probably never changed OIL!!!
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