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Juice Brakes on Vicky

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  • Juice Brakes on Vicky

    Residue from Juice brakes on a Vicky. Removing the hydraulics from the car. Master cyl. on the firewall. Evidence of leaking fluid for years, Look at the "quality" work done on the master cylinder installation.
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    Were there any kind of supports on the firewall? If not i wonder how much it flexed when pushing the brake pedal
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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      A friend of mine bought a 37 ford car they put juice brakes on it and butchered the firewall no backing plat ran the brake lines thru the fender well vent holes a real nightmare, which is in the process of being scrapped.

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    Yes there was a plate 1/4" by approx 6 X 8. Held in place by 4 1/4" bolts. You can see the pattern in the pic.


    • Paul K.
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      This was also a butchered up job of cutting, drilling and welding. Removed a pile of old Early V8 Ford parts.

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      From the picture Paul I can only imagine.

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    Back when those brakes were installed you did what you had to do. On the 32 I had I "butchered" the firewall for two M/cyl's (brake and clutch) then later went back and "re-engineered" it with single dual bowl M/cyl from a chev p/up and Ansen hanging pedals. There was about an 8"X8" 3/8 steel plate to avoid flexing the firewall. Had an Olds engine to a 39 tranny, 11" p/plate with a 10 1/2 disc, 40 Ford rear-end. Later a 4 cyl Pontiac Tempest w 4 bbl carb. Ran almost as good as the Olds.
    Lots of different "primitive" things done before 1-800 BUY.
    Paul in CT


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      This gallery has 4 photos.
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