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1929 CCPU/AA truck windshield frames

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  • 1929 CCPU/AA truck windshield frames

    There are several of us 29 CCPU owners (Dan Partain, Dudley Moordigian, a fellow in our local Twin Cities model A club and me) that are trying to figure out what the correct windshield type should be for April 29 and mid 29 pickup windshield frames. Our CCPU's have been messed with over the years, so we are not sure if the windshield frames on our pickups are correct. All of us know that 1928 CCPU windshield frames have a narrow, straight cut wind deflector on them. See first picture. Our concern is what the correct windshield frames should be used in April 1929 and mid 1929. As many of you know, passenger cars in 1929 had wider, single angled end on their wind deflector windshield frames. See second picture, lower windshield frame. Also, as many of you probably know, commercial vehicles got the left over parts from passenger cars that were compatible when Ford moved to the next years production. I believe other than the manual wiper tube on the top piece, the lower piece of passenger car and CCPU's are the same. If someone knows what type windshields were used and what dates they were used, we would appreciate you posting your information here. Hopefully some 29 CCPU or AA truck owners could look at their windshields and post the information. A couple of us suspect that the 1928 narrow, square end windshield frames were used well into 1929, but we have no solid evidence of that. Any help would be appreciated.
    Rusty Nelson
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    My CCPU with a date stamping of 2/12/29 has the early straight cut wind deflector like your first picture. I can't guarantee it is original, but indications are that it likely is.


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      I posted this on ********, but of course I have gotten no responses like usual or any useful ones. I am not sure I have posted this message on the correct section, but I see no regular message section. Thus is the first post on this forum, so please forgive me for possibly posting on an incorrect section.

      I have a windshield frame I purchase years ago at a swap meet. It is obviously...
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      Try as I might, I can not get the Windshield to close. It hits against the filler strip.
      I am beginning to think that I have the wrong windshield for my 31 SW 4D TS.

      I have a windshield which is original. I measured the heights in the center of the window and the one installed is almost 1/4" bigger. This different in heights is what is leading me to think that this windshield...
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      Model A Windshield
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      Successes are coming few and far between. But, today, I was able to put together my original windshield and windshield frame.
      As I will show you in the pictures attached, it was in pretty sorry condition when I started.
      I was most interested in saving the windshield glass, as it has an original 1960/1961 PA inspection sticker still on it!

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      Windshield Frame Changes
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      I recall there being some slight differences in the windshield frames used on Model A Fords. Now I cannot find where the information is documented. The 1928/9 frames had almost square ends on the air deflector located on the backside at the bottom. The 1930/1 frames deflector ends were kind of scalloped. Also, the side slide arms brackets attached to the sides of the frame were changed. I have looked...
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      Reading the Paint and Finish Guide, for a 55-A, (Tudor), from 1928 thru April 1929 the windshield frame color would have been, or could have been the same as the belt & molding color. Or for the entire year it could have been just the lower body color. So can we say the windshield could be either the same as belt or could be same as lower body? My car is stamped 2/29 on the subframe. Now if...
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      30 Tudor Sedan Windshield not closing at the bottom
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      Hi everyone,

      The windshield on my 1930 Tudor Sedan hit the gas cap, so I took the rubber seal off and that problem went away.

      I have had this car for 9? years, and the bottom of the windshield never closed all the way at the bottom and stays open about 1/4”. When it rained over the weekend, a lot of water came in around this opening.. wife was pissed😳.

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      Windshield Stanchion
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      As I wrap up the top wood kit install, I'm working to assemble the header cover, visor, windshield, etc. to make a good fit. For the windshield stanchion/post, I noticed that there is nothing to accept the top screw. Any thoughts? Thanks!...
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    • Brent
      Windshield and Dash
      by Brent
      In test fitting the windshield on my 30 Tudor, I noticed that there's a bit of a gap (about 3/8") between the windshield "sill" and the underside of the dash. Is this normal or should I make some adjustments? Everything else seems to marry up pretty well.

      10-04-2021, 12:12 PM
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      Windshield Rattles
      by saxman657
      I'm noticing more rattling from my windshield on my '28 Tudor. The rattle is definitely the windshield glass against portions of the windshield frame. Does anyone know of quick fixes? If not resources when it comes to pulling the frame from the hinge, the glass from the frame, cleaning, and reinstalling with new setting tape and gasket? Definite rookie when it comes to this area.
      12-21-2020, 03:45 PM