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Gas Stations and oil companies

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    Gas Stations and oil companies

    I thought it would be interesting to state the names of gas stations and oil companies by state.

    KANSAS: texaco,apco, champlin fina hyway oil, bay,standard oil amoco vickers red crown conoco sinclair skelly phillips 66 dx

    OIL COMPANIES Texaco Getty Globe Phillips Conoco Koch numerous independents

    REFINERIES Globe(then ncra then chs(cenex) Farmland (now coffeyville resources) Getty(then texaco, then frontier)

    May be more and there is in other parts of kansas but I am familiar with these.

    Try to keep the format the same such as state etc.
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    Indian Gasoline, refinery was at Lawrenceville, Illinois they refined southern Illinois/Indiana oil. Indian gasoline petroleum engineers discovered how to refine 'wax free' oils for motor oil, and branded it 'Havoline'. It was a big success. Texaco bought them out in the 1930's just to get the patent rights to this oil hence Texaco Havoline Oil. They kept Indian Gasoline around for a short while as a 'motor fuel' i.e, cheapo low octane gasoline through WWII. I have a ten gallon visible pump, Wayne Cut 615 dry-hose delivery with an Indian Gasoline globe (not this one mine is dated 1936, three piece glass with the wide glass body) and the Indian Gasoline pump plate, original all of it.

    One piece etched glass globe circa 1922, Running Indian, worth around $10,000 highly sought after.

    Also Illinois Oil Company out of Rock Island, Illinois. Torpedo gasoline and Welch Motor Oil. Illinois Oil Co. built gasoline stations along the newly built (1924) Ill.State Route 94, a road from Rock Island to St. Louis. some of them are still standing although no longer gas stations used for other purposes. The station in Reynolds, Illinois was built near the Rock Island Southern Rwy. tracks and was attached to the new Ford agency put up there to sell Model T Fords. It was a Ford agency into the early 1950's then became a Case Tractor dealership. Building still there and being used. Neat 1920's Ford dealership architecture.

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      That is cool never heard of them,and different states had different brands.

    Sinclair oil comp.

    Check out this nice tutorial of history. There are some really neat pictures in this

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      Fancy name for a lube pit...

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      when we were at Yellowstone last Aug, in Wyoming, you were hard pressed to find anything but Sinclair

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      Remember from your American History,Harry Sinclair, Dept. of the Interior Secretary under Harding?? The Teapot Dome Scandal? Talk about a load of crooks Sinclair was at the top of the list no surprise their oil company has a presence out there! You never see Sinclair stations around here I thought they were gone.............

    Mitch that is one of the most interesting things i have seen and thanks. Pennzoil has quite a story themselves as well as the phillips company in bartlesville ok.


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      Sorry if this did not meet the criteria of your thread, but i found it interesting and wanted to share it

    Absolutely it does Mitch, i just posted some names of the different companies i knew of and your contribution is exactly just one of the things this thread can encompass. Fascinating history for me having grown up in the oil industry and worked in it in many facets. No apology needed fantastic post if you got more post it I really enjoyed that very much. So add anything you like I thought this could be a very interesting thread, after all these cars would not have run without these guys.


      Illinois Oil Company , Rock Island, Illinois globe,,,, Torpedo Gasoline