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Another Zenith 3 carb on ebay

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  • Another Zenith 3 carb on ebay

    Just saw another on ebay today CHEAP !

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    Same seller relisted the one that sold for $910 he added this note to the description. "ADDED INFO: After listing this I realized it has a small hairline crack in the throat of the carb, I notified the high bidder and he didn’t want to accept the carb so I’m relisting it with 2 pictures of the crack, the crack will not in any way affect the Carburetor bc of where it is"


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      As a seller I hate it when an item has sold and you find a previously unseen flaw when you are packing the item. I had it happen this last fall. I sold four 16" wire wheels to a customer. While packing them I found a broken spoke on one of them. I looked at my pictures and the spoke was not broken when I listed it. After some communication we worked out a fair compromise and I still shipped him four wheels with one discounted. I can really know how the seller feels. Been there done that. The best you can hope for is a reasonable buyer. Rod
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        Good evening Guys. Was at the Stowe flea market and got some great stuff. One of the items was a Zenith B carb. It looked pretty tough, and I was hoping to save the top casting. As it turns out it cleaned up real nice and although I have not tested it , I think it is a good usable carb. It has a round float and the GAV is the same style as the Model A. I have tried searching, but cannot find...
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        I'm having kind of an odd carb problem on an A.It is something I've never seen before.When I turn on the gas it leaks badly out the throat until the float shuts the valve.Then it does slowly weep,maybe a drop every couple of minutes.It does idle too rich,even with the GAV turned all the way down.I have verified the GAV needle is hitting the seat,but just with a magic marker,not by pressure.This carb...
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        What the best of ways to store a Zenith carb? Acquiring a second carb, it was rebuilt a few months back and the guy came in possession of a Marvel. Needs to sell the Zenith to help pay for the Marvel. I'm buying it.
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        New tillotson carb
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        Has anybody had any experience with the new tillotson carb that Bratton's is selling? My brother is curious if they are as good as the old ones. When I worked in the Ford parts department in 1965 we had them on the shelf. I should have bought a case of them.
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        Club member had an engine catch fire on the way home. Caused damage to the hood but otherwise car is ok. No one knows what ignited the gas. Gas leaks from the Zenith carb are so common that some of us tend to ignore them. Just took mine apart again, lost count how many times. I have the proverbial 1" measurement on the float, flow tested jets, all new gaskets ect. and still have a slight weep...
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        Just letting you all know there are 2 Gleaner Combine radiators on ebay being advertized as being for a Model A. While they are good for an engine test stand or stationary engines they will not fit your car. Both are from the same seller in Houston, Tx. . I informed him they will not fit a car and while he thanked me, he did not ammend the listing. Rod
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        I am selling a wide variety of what is laying around my house. So I am not constantly listing the same thing. I have Windows and MacBook computers. I use an Iphone.

        Can people please share their experiences with both phone Apps and PC based apps.
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      • Beauford
        Just got a backup carb...
        by Beauford
        but may become daily driver carb and Zenith as a backup. Rebuilt Marvel fo $200. Crummy ones on fea bay go for 80$ and rebuild kits from Renners is about 140$. Then time to clean, blast, install...I think I came out better. Still waiting for the rain to stop to test yet again settings on Zenith to prevent stop stalls.
        05-12-2019, 02:01 PM
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        Can anyone (would anyone) build me a good working B carb. from what you see here? I would ,of course, pay for any additional materials. The first three shots are the same table, different view. The fourth shot is three additional cores. I've checked most of the best vendors and other sources. None. Renner no longer rebuilds carbs....
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