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ID CCPU/AA truck windshield frame

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  • ID CCPU/AA truck windshield frame

    I posted this on ********, but of course I have gotten no responses like usual or any useful ones. I am not sure I have posted this message on the correct section, but I see no regular message section. Thus is the first post on this forum, so please forgive me for possibly posting on an incorrect section.

    I have a windshield frame I purchase years ago at a swap meet. It is obviously used on a CCPU or AA truck since it has the tube for a manual wiper. However, instead of a the normal narrower 28 wind deflector or the wider 29 wind deflector with single tapered ends, this frame has the double cut ends like 30/31 wind deflectors. It also has the 28/29 type slide arm brackets. I know that the 28/29 cab was use to the middle of 1930. I suspect the windshield frame might have been used on a AA truck or CCPU for the first half of 1930. This is just an educated guess. If anyone has any information about this or has an early style cab 1930 CCPU or AA truck, I would appreciate any useful information concerning the windshield frame I have. The windshield frame is in very good condition, but I need to ID what it is used on.
    Rusty Nelson
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    Welcome Rusty....Im am sure you will get an answer very shortly...This site has a wealth of knowledge that they will share with you..Glad to see you in the neighborhood..


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      Is it also possible the truck top bar was installed on a later car bottom?

      I'm not sure what ones interchange.


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        I have an original early 30 cab. I’m on the way to the Turlock Swap Meet. When I get back next week I’ll take a look at the W/S and post.


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          Does this help you any?

          3 ~ Tudor's
          Henry Ford said
          "It's all nuts and bolts"

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            Possibly an early 1930, which other than the gas cap was the same as the 29 cab. Rod
            "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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              I would appreciate you checking your early 30 CCPU windshield when you get a chance and posting the information here. Like I stated in the initial post, I am thinking the mystery windshield frame I have is from a first half 1930 cab like yours, but not sure. Since I bought it at a swap meet, I have no idea what vehicle it came from. Could you post the date of manufacture of your 1930 pickup. I don't know if Ford made the parts transition close to the beginning of the year or somewhat earlier or a little later. If anyone else reading this post has a first half of1930 AA truck or CCPU, please post what your windshield is.
              Rusty Nelson


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                I have had this car for 9? years, and the bottom of the windshield never closed all the way at the bottom and stays open about 1/4”. When it rained over the weekend, a lot of water came in around this opening.. wife was pissed😳.

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                Reading the Paint and Finish Guide, for a 55-A, (Tudor), from 1928 thru April 1929 the windshield frame color would have been, or could have been the same as the belt & molding color. Or for the entire year it could have been just the lower body color. So can we say the windshield could be either the same as belt or could be same as lower body? My car is stamped 2/29 on the subframe. Now if...
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                Successes are coming few and far between. But, today, I was able to put together my original windshield and windshield frame.
                As I will show you in the pictures attached, it was in pretty sorry condition when I started.
                I was most interested in saving the windshield glass, as it has an original 1960/1961 PA inspection sticker still on it!

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