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Rebuilding a model A engine

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  • Rebuilding a model A engine

    I do not want to get into bashing people. So I,m going to say the model A engine is one of the hardiest to get right when rebuilding them. You could do 2 chev small blocks or Ford small block to 1 model A engine, that is if you do it right. Every one always says how simple they are. But they are not simple to get right.

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    You got that right George. They are certainly their own animal. If one does not know the in’s and out’s of the species it certainly won’t last very long.
    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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    • George Miller
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      I think every one has had a problem with a oil leak out the rear main at one time. So many have had the mains bored off the original center line. Piston bores have been bored off location. What ever could have been butchered was done long before we got to work on them. It takes time to learn all this and how to fix the mess.
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    I can say from an assemblers view they are different,with modern engines you can live by the book,these require feel,something that comes with experience.I cant imagine from the machinist's view,cut a block four our five times its bound to be a nightmare.I get a kick out or rods,most I've seen have more marks than a shithouse wall.


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      I use to do postal engines on the side from my regular job. They were 151 Pontiac engines. I would pull the engine rebuild it put it back in on the weekend.
      Try that with a Model A. They are both 4 cylinders.


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        Volkswagen aircooled,you turn the linebore by hand.pull from the car,rebuild and install 8 hours,doing it clean.
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          When I got into mod. A s, I figured I could certainly do a flathead four. How hard can it be? Great Question! Then I started looking into it and found this thing is damn near impossible. The last engine I bought was a O-320 H2AD 4 cyl. pancake for my airplane. Over $10 large, in 1997! Broke my heart and my wallet! It was a four banger but most of the parts were aluminum. I think I recall each jug was around $500. But the Insurance all aviation suppliers must carry , etc. (Aviation STP costs twice as much as automotive but there is always the govt's form 337) To go on, I used the cheapest rebuilder we had found, a good guy, who did good work It was still over $10 grand. And now I'm paying over half that for one of the most primitive engines ever mass produced? What the Hell? What a scam! I've done a couple of flathead V8s, A couple of 292 Y blocks, a couple of SBCs. All turned out very well! And for a fraction of that price! Of course, I didn't grind the cranks or bore the blocks, they were merely honed. The valves were lapped. The wind up of this lament is that the Mod. A is a PITA that requires a lot of equipment.


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