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1928-9 Front Crossmember on Ebay

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    1928-9 Front Crossmember on Ebay

    Someone recently needed a front crossmember because the one on their frame was broken and missing some metal. I just found this one on ebay that doesn't look too bad. It does have some pitting from the overflow hitting the metal on the driver's side. Hopefully the front mount hole isn't rusted thin, so you'll have to check it out and ask the seller.

    I always add a tiny rubber extension hose to extend the over flow past the crossmember.
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      I go a little further; my hose is about 2 feet long and lays in the bottom of the engine pan on the left side of the engine bay

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      If you poked that hose up through the floorboard, you WOULDN'T need a TEMP GAUGE!
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