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When was the last time you looked at the inside of your wheels?

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  • When was the last time you looked at the inside of your wheels?

    A couple nights ago I was busy getting ready for a tour the next day. I had finished up the last king pin and bushing replacement and was getting ready to put the wheels back on. I just happened to look at the inside of the bolt pattern and see this. Fortunately I have some extra wheels I could swap out. And this is one hole of 4 on that wheel that look like this. The other wheels look fine. It looks like I'm going to be doing some delicate die grinding and TIG welding today. Never used an impact on these, always installed and tightened with hand tools and checked with a torque wrench. Maybe this one got tightened a little too much. So what's the torque on these maximum supposed to be? I looked in the Les Andrews book and read 65lbs. Maybe that's too much?
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    I'd think about 45 pounds if fine for torqueing the lug nuts.
    I just tighten them with the original lug wrench and call it good.


    • Mitch
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      I do the same as Tom, but finding that can make one anally worried.

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    Yeah tell me about it! See you guys don't know about the 91 Freeway out here. Anally worried doesn't even tell it. Ask Da Wizard or anybody else out here what that's like. 13 of us on the 91 yesterday on tour. People flying in and out around us going over 80+ and we're rolling along at 55. It would be disastrous in catastrophic proportions if a wheel fell off a Model A on that road. I was thinking in the past I had tightened them to 55lbs. might be too much.


    • DaWizard
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    • KenCoupe
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      We don't have the 91 here, but the 101 and the 118 are just as bad as what you describe. I tightened mine to 55 lbs, but have not taken them off since then. I'll have to check them.

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