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Is This a Model A Mirror?

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  • Is This a Model A Mirror?

    I don't recognize the mount on this mirror. Does anyone know if it's even for a Model A, or what it is from?
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    No clue, but just out of curiosity can you see your reflection in it?
    Mechanical engineering 101: If you put an adjustment knob, screw, bolt, or tolerance specs on something, some people will immediately fiddle with it. If you mark it DO NOT TOUCH everyone will mess with it.


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      Yes, does that mean I'm not a vampire?

      I don't recall where this came from, or why I bought it, but maybe it was on a dollar table.


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        Looks like Style J from the beginning of 1930 production through the end of production
        Standard Roadster, Standard Phaeton, Open Cab Vehicles, painted black.


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        • H. L. Chauvin
          Modifying 1930 Town Sedan Rear View Mirror
          by H. L. Chauvin
          This may or may not help someone who would prefer to feel safer while having Model A rear view mirrors & peep mirrors where one can see "everything" like that of a riding in a new, modern car.

          Anyway, FWIW: Ever since I had my 1930 TS I have noticed two (2) important Life Safety things while traveling in slow moving or fast moving heavy multi-lane traffic.

          06-24-2018, 03:30 PM
        • Mickey
          Rear view mirror clock
          by Mickey
          My late '31 coupe has an inside rear view mirror that has a small empty square window on the right side. I assume it was for a clock. Did the late '31 coupe originally come with this type of mirror? If so anyone know a source for the clock? It's not a point car but I still like original.
          10-29-2018, 09:56 AM
        • Barber31
          My under $4 side view mirrors !
          by Barber31
          I found these at Walmart and I just had to give them a try. My gen is down right now so I have not tested them yet but I'm sure even though they are super small I'm sure they are a tad better than no mirror at all.

          08-09-2017, 12:01 AM
        • H. L. Chauvin
          Six-Inch (6") Diameter Convex Model A Door Mounted L & R Mirrors
          by H. L. Chauvin
          A. Because of our today's, 2018 modern style, weaving in-and-out fast traffic, texting and phoning while driving, following too closely, etc., just for highway's safety's sake in heavy traffic in urban areas, I just decided "try" to install larger diameter "Convex" L & R door clip mounted mirrors on my 1930 Town Sedan to provide more wide angle rear viewing.

          04-23-2018, 01:36 AM
        • Michael M
          Pucka, pucka, pucka
          by Michael M
          stopped at a light yesterday with the window down and heard that familiar sound. That’s a Model A I hear! But I couldn’t see it until the light changed and we started pulling away. In my rear view mirror I saw the Model A, back 3 vehicles, behind a truck.

          it got me wondering: is there any other old car which can be identified by it’s sound?...
          04-06-2018, 07:38 PM
        • Ayyy
          Looking For A Photo Of An ORIGINAL '30-'31 CCPU Outside Rear View Mirror
          by Ayyy
          Hi all-

          I'd like to find an original outside rear view Mirror for my late '30 CCPU. Do any originals still exist?...I have no idea!

          I can find photos of the repops, but I'm not sure they are exactly the same as the originals. Do you know if they are?

          Anyway, I hope to find a photo of an original so that I know what the heck I'm looking for at the swaps....
          04-12-2018, 06:54 PM
        • BNCHIEF
          Hinge pin mirror issues
          by BNCHIEF
          I have hinge pin mirrors on my 30 tudor, the gap between the hinge and the mirror is probably 1/4" when i screw the set screw in it almost threads completely thru the mirror, I shimmed up the gap with a piecece of aluminum strap wrapped in black duct tape to prevent marring but this does not hold the mirror in place . Any suggestions?
          09-05-2017, 06:04 AM
        • Steve Plucker
          Open Cab vs Closed Cab Pickup production numbers...
          by Steve Plucker
          I have asked this question before but thought I would ask again...

          Has anyone or know of anyone who has done research on trying to determine the production numbers of the Open and Closed Cab Pickups?

          This is one of the big unknowns in Model A history.


          09-25-2017, 05:31 AM
        • wrndln
          Unknown outside mirror brackets
          by wrndln
          I bought a box of mirror stuff to get a couple original open car mirror brackets (type H in the JS's). There were some other brackets I don't know what they are for. I posted one bracket a few days ago that was tentatively identified as a 30/31 truck/pickup outside bracket. I am posting picture of the 4 brackets I need IDed - 2 pictures of each. I would appreciate any help IDing any of the brackets...
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          10-23-2018, 01:06 PM
        • Steve Plucker
          Open Cab vs. Closed Cab Pick-up production numbers...
          by Steve Plucker
          As far as I know, this is one of the greatest "unknowns" in the Model A/AA Ford production.

          To my knowledge, there is no records which tells us X amount were Open Cabs and X amount were Closed Cabs...I wish there were...believe me it would make Part 2 of my second book much easier
          to do.

          Does anybody on the VFF know if there is any data on this?
          09-05-2017, 09:30 AM