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Rear Axle key install / orientation

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  • Rear Axle key install / orientation

    can someone refresh me the correct factory installed position of the axle key in the key way, orientation of the beveled tip ?

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    The bevel goes down and inboard.
    There is a corresponding bevel to the axle groove that has been machined.

    I like to only put the key on part way, install the hub, and then with a small screwdriver and hammer, I tap the key home until it is flush with the outboard edge of the hub.

    There have been cases where the key was put in too far, and the hub over-tightened trying to get the hub to seat, and then cracked because of this oversight.

    Remember, the key is only a locating device, and intended to keep the hub from spinning while tightening the nut. It is the taper that provides the surface area for grip.

    These 5/8 nuts would have been better off as 3/4 nuts. Be careful, the threads strip easily if you over torque


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      Thank you good info that most guys are not aware of.
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        Thanks Tbird, good to know.


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          I just learned something...and will be using this technique soon...


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            In addition I have seen axle keys sold by vendors that are only cut off square stock and are not hard like the originals.


            • Dennis
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              I got one of those recently. It was in a kit with new nuts, washers, packing seal, and cotters. Disappointed when I saw that.

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