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Do any of the piston manufactures make pistons that take a modern narrow rings.

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  • Do any of the piston manufactures make pistons that take a modern narrow rings.

    Narrow rings in IMHOP work better than wide rings. nWhat do you think.

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    I have only dealt with Forged True pistons in a racing Flathead V8 and I do believe we ran cast iron rings that if memory serves, were Hastings. Now, I don't remember if they were the wide or narrow rings, but I would bet that Forged True only makes the narrow ring pistons for flatheads.
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      I used Hastings piston rings for yrs. Never had an issue with them.


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        I agree they work fine. But narrow in mhop work better. When the piston rocks the narrow ring seals better. A wide ring lifts off the cylinder more, so more blow by and less oil scraping. Maybe not enough to worry about.


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          George, I am with you all the way on narrow rings. If wide rings were so good, moderns would have them.
          I happen to really like the 283 style pistons that I get from John at Pete's machine, who has Egge make them. You use std A rods and pins. His pistons come with the rings and pins

          Way in the beginning of the VFF a question was asked about the weight difference and I weighed a Snyder's vs one of John's and Johns weighed a little less. I think you have used these same pistons at one time. I am unable to find that post right now, and I do not recall the weights, but the 283 style weighed LESS

          Oops, Al just commented on this above

          Here is another thread on the subject

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          • George Miller
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            Yes I did use some of John some time ago. I think I will go that way again. I though some one else may have them also. I do like the 283 piston. To me cam ground piston are much better than regular A piston. And they do use the narrow rings. thanks.

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          George, Rich Falluca uses the narrow moly piston rings. I was concerned about the moly rings taking longer to seat, but have found in my short block I had him build this past fall they seated sooner than the Hastings cast rings on my stock Model A pistons. Prior to having him do the machine work on my block, it had a 6:1 head with stock pistons .030" over, with wide Hastings cast rings and leaker silicone head gasket from Snyder's. It had 100 psi in all four cylinders. The only reason I had initially to machine the block was for inserts as I had over .025" crank end play. Now with his pistons and narrow moly rings, forged rods, same 6:1 head and a Best 573 graphite head gasket, the deck of the block was cleaned up, compression is even in all four cylinders with 120 psi. Maybe the rings fit the pistons better than my original Model A pistons, but so far the oil is nice and clean and does not use oil. Falluca gets his pistons made in China btw.


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            Dennis, I am with you, I am surprised that moly seated sooner than cast

            impressive numbers you give......


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              Sounds like we a couple choices.


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                Much to my dismay, none, nada, zip con rods have shims on the big ends!

                There is also something I have not seen before, pistons with not just one compression ring, not two, but three compression rings!! Plus the normal oil ring!!

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