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    If you purchase the Kingpin kit from the two reputable sources, the felt cups are too big. If you search to buy individually felt cups they state that these are machined to the correct size as the others were bigger.(I'm certain the bigger ones are in the kit) I was putting in pins last night and with the kit felt cups and felt it will just wedge and mangle itself trying to align the spindles. Just a FYI....

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    I thought the same when I put mine in but figured a technic to get them in without crushing them. I got my kit from Bert's btw. First thing I did was rub in some grease in the felt, place it in the cup and lay it in place on the spindle. Take the king pin and stick it in the spindle in the bottom, this is only to hold the cup in place and the felt so you can get the pin to drop in the top. You are only going to need to hold the pin up in the cup so it doesn't slip out of alignment. When it gets aligned you should be able to push the pin up into the axle easily. Slide the pin back down and out of the spindle. Pack your thrust bearing with grease, put a shim to start with on next so it's under the thrust bearing. Slide the pin down in the spindle. Position your brake shaft etc, and lock in place with the keeper pin insert in the front and nut on back of the axle.


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      Well my kit came from Brattons and it look exactly as Snyders (probably same source) Bert's is great but kills me on shipping to VA. Maybe he has a kit that contains correct height cups. I will use your technique when I get my other cups.I have a old pin I could use. Great idea!!!


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        New one on me. Im rebuilding (not restoring) a front end and on dissasembly noticed the lower cup didn't have a felt in it. Well incleaning up the king pin I found it, and the actuating pinfelt. they were both on the bell of the king pin.

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        Ok, 1 more dumb question tonight and I will leave everyone alone. The new king pin locking bolts wont start through the axle. I thought the holes might be tapered, and the axle is installed backwards, but the locking bolts are not tapered. I am guessing I just need to ream or run the proper size drill through the holes to clean them out?
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        The Spindle Bolt Locking Pin: A-3122
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        There were three types of Spindle Bolt Locking Pins.

        Two types were round in shape when assembled to the front axle to lock the King Pin into place which also had a 1/2 round cut into it to accept the pin...The other had a "V" type notch that took an entirely different style of pin, which I think, locks the King Pin into place a little better than the previous types.
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        In the next couple days I'm going to be fitting my king pins to new bushings. I'm not sure what the clearance should be. Anybody have an idea what the specs are on that? Here's another question. I noticed the upper thrust bearing was on what looked upside down. Both sides were that way and as far as I can tell nothing has ever been done to the front axle. I can post a picture...
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