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  • Main Bearing Brass Shims

    Does anyone know a way to separate (delaminate) the many layers of brass main bearing shims that come laminated together when you buy them?

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    I use a razor blade, and scratch at the corner until a little tip of one layer starts peeling up. I can then wedge the razor into the stack.


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      Hey Wayne T, WELCOME to the VFF!!

      I agree with Tom, but I use a box cutter knife or my pocket knife. If you are gentle with scraping the edge you can get just one pealed up. I start the peal enough to get a measurement of the lamination thickness, and if it is more than one or two pieces, depending on what I need, you can start at another edge and do the same thing, just lay the first peal back down, it may not laminate again, but that won't hurt it.
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        plus 3


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          they will curl up at .001...double check your peel,make sure you take off what you want to take off.
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            Off the cuff here: submerge in lacquer thinner?

            2manycars: you still have to clean and dry and mic. each one before installation, so just store in a sealed container until use.
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            • 2manycars
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              That would work, but maybe too well. They all would be loose, and difficult to stack neatly, and I would be concerned about some dirt getting between the layers and upsetting the measurement.

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            Originally posted by WayneT View Post
            Does anyone know a way to separate (delaminate) the many layers of brass main bearing shims that come laminated together when you buy them?
            Also just incase you do not know. To get .001 less clearance you need to take a .001 shim from both sides.


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              Thank you, I was not aware of that. Learn something every time I log on.


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                Thanks to all for your input, I put a stack in Laquer Thinner last night before I read that idea, will see if it worked!


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                  FYI-- I let a new stack soak in laquer thinner for two days and it did nothing to loosen the layers. I will use Tom & Brents methods, THANKS !!


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                    Just thought I would let you know that the center main bearing cap (USED) I replaced seems fine at this point, hope it continues to be!! Thanks again for everyones input!! Wayne


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                      Wayne thanks for the follow up, that is great to hear

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