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One pice rear main seal.

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  • One pice rear main seal.

    Has any one had good luck with the one pice rear main seal ? Like 100% success.

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    George, are you referring to the rubber seal that stretches over the crankshaft flange? I've often wondered why somebody hasn't tried a seal like they put in the old SBC that was rubber 2 piece and had a lip.


    • George Miller
      George Miller commented
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      Yes the rubber seal. As far as the sb chev I have done that back in the 90ts when I was using pressure oiling.
      The rubber seal work once when i tried it. Next time it didn't work, so I never used it again. Some in club have tried them and most leak.

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    When I had a B engine reconditioned a few years ago, the slinger was damaged so they machined it off and fitted one of those seals. It worked very well but later, I had to dismantle the engine (can't remember why now). I used a new one and it leaks terribly. I've been told that it s a bit hit and miss as to whether they work but the maker once told me that once assembled, blow about 45 psi of air up the drain tube to make sure the lip is seated straight. That is a MUST, he said. I didn't do it and it leaked. If ever I am in there again, I'll do as he said. If any of you really want to know how it goes, I'd be happy for you to do the work and check it out o my engine.


    • George Miller
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      Thanks maybe that is the secret. But I do not remember it saying that in the directions.

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