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The fine art of Butchery and Hackery

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  • The fine art of Butchery and Hackery

    You've seen'em..the ones that make you cringe,but like a trainwreck you cant help but to'em,Ill break the rule to start it..

    alcohol and sawzalls dont mix

    its all ford
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    laugh all you want but this one is mine,hadda beat the shit outta three shriner clowns to get it..
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    • H. L. Chauvin
      H. L. Chauvin commented
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      Love the whitewalls !!!!

      Had a similar box added to my 1930 Coupe when I bought it for $25.00 (60)years ago.

    • CM2
      CM2 commented
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      main bearing thump, clutch shivers like a dog shitting peach pits,wishbone and axle bent brakes shot ..other that that she's a keeper..reckon Ill keep the box,they go with a gas ration sticker and a brush paint job..

    • DaWizard
      DaWizard commented
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      Great looking Cab ya got there, I think it should be done in interior enamel. Maybe off white

    • CM2
      CM2 commented
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      She aint no cabrio prom date wiz, shes a hooker sport coupe

    • DaWizard
      DaWizard commented
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      See, s'wat I gets fer not lookin at da brace at da back of da door!!

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    I went to an auction a few years ago and there were several cars in that condition. I later kicked myself for not buying the steel blindback fordor wreck and the sport coupe. I coulld have made a coupe with no quarter window and made people scratch their heads.
    Eastern Connecticut


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      That is one of the best looking hacks,the pickup hack with a fordor..


      • CarlG
        CarlG commented
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        And the '49 pickup box

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