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    Went to the DMV in Minnesota, to apply for my title, and this is what I needed to complete their application. I needed the sellers signature and address on that document, frame number, brief history, and the condition it is in. I also needed picture of every side of my truck and a picture or pencil tracing of the frame number, along with the original bill of sale. Got my plates and title will be here in a month or so. I hope this may help someone here in Mn. It's a little expensive make sure you have some extra loot !! Pat
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's

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    So did you have a tracing or pic of the frame number, or did you use the engine number
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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    • pAAt
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      I had the tracings of the engine and frame #'s, along with a picture of the frame number. I was told I only needed the frame #, but figured the engine # was easier to read and confirmed the frame # without a doubt. I didn't expect to get it done in a day and with plates to boot. Pat

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    Well, I'm also in Minnesota and it only took me 18 months and a lot of trips back and forth between the bonding company and DMV, and $500 to get two Model A titles. That's what happens when you go straight to the big boys at the state capital, instead of the small hometown DMV. And, I had my number tracings, as well as all the pictures on my first trip. The first think the guy said was, "gee, I've never done one of these before". That's when I should have picked up all my papers and walked out.


    • pAAt
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      I thought that was going to be my adventure too Tom, but she went right to the file cabinet and pulled out the form, She told me what I needed and I already had it all, except the previous owners signature on the document. 1/2 hour later I was back at the DMV with his signature and leaving with my plates in hand. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while

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    IF you've ever had a car STOLEN, you'll be GLAD DMVs are "PICKY"---And can help you trace the car!
    Bill W.


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      The last guy who tried to steal my tractor met a 140 pound german shepard and recieved 60 stitches for his efforts.


      • pAAt
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        I'm still recovering from that BNCHIEF !!! I had to go elsewhere, where there are no dogs and guns allowed ! I'm in Fresno now and enjoying everyones spoils.

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      Glad you are where the well to do are paat.


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        Take interesting car pics along to DMV & LIMP a lot! Seems to help!
        Bill Gimp


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          You're in FRESNO now???????
          Bill Puzzled??


          • pAAt
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            I'm all over the place Bill, but mostly in my mind now. Too old to hitch hike and ride the rails. I'm still in Minnesota ! I've just been thinking a lot about 22k in a brown paper bag and a visit to Fresno

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          GREAT buy for someone, the TOOLS/CABINETS/EQUIPMENT are worth MORE than that!---I'm just throwing in Vermin as a BONUS!
          Bill Serious


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