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  • Leakless Pump Follow Up

    I am so sick and tired of water pumps that leak! Just about to fire up an engine that I rebuilt myself (just rings, lap in valves adjust all clearances, rebuilt dizzy, carb and water pump). I filled with 50/50 yesterday morning and saw a very slow drip at the pump. But from every thing I can tell it seems to be coming from the pressed in bushing and the pump body. The drip only was about 1/3 cup in around 24 hours, and it comes right down the face of the casting where the bushing comes through. No leak on the shaft to pack nut, and if it was coming out around the threads of the pack nut I would think it would drip off the end of the pack nut and not travel along the threads to the casting face.

    Do you think I can either add a bead of RTV as a fillet along where I think this is leaking? Or is anyone a proponent of the leak stop additives to the coolant?
    I have already decided that whether I can afford it or not I am going to get one of the sealed bearing pumps for my Roadster, but was going to leave this Town Sedan with the one I rebuilt.


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    Is there a crack in housing ?


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      No crack. The pump casting on this car (had sat in a barn for 30 years) was cracked at the front of the pump, so I bought a body from Bert's and it appeared to be fine. Bought the double lip seal bushing from Bert's also and pressed that in. I did not check closely to see if the casting was scored where the bushing goes in. My thought is that maybe there was a scored line in the casting from removing an old bushing and this might be causing the issue???


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        I'm not sure why your pump is still leaking without inspecting it, but which ever route you take stay away from the Technician in a can temporary fix or RTV. It would be best to fix it right instead of having an issue on the road, plus antifreeze makes a mess when it leaks.

        The best leakless on the market are the extreme pumps by Rupert.
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          Rich, apparently you're NOT RICH, either--LOL,
          When I can't find MYSTERIOUS small leaks, I NEVER hesitate to add Old Fashioned Bars-Leaks. I could tell you STORIES & STORIES about MY/CHIEFS' success with it!
          Bill Dry
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            Originally posted by Purdy
            Black pepper has been known to help stop leaks for a while .
            YO' Nephew Purdy,
            I've also heard of Cayenne Pepper, Egg Yolk, Manure & even Muddy Water!!! Ever try to fill a radiator with a '41 Chev hubcap? FORTY LEVEN trips to the canal!
            Tired Uncle (Mayor?) Bill W. (Private joke of Me & Purdy)


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              Sure wish water bags were still EASY to find. I searched "everywhere"----IF I could find them, most everyone in the club would WANT one!
              Bro Bill W.
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              • DaWizard
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                I got one for my car.

              • Greynomad
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                DaWizard said "I got one for my car"
                Hope you thought it was a fair swap!!!! I bet your car was nice enough to hold out for more.

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              Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
              Sure wish water bags were still EASY to find. I searched "everywhere"----IF I could find them, most everyone in the club would WANT one!
              Bro Bill W.
              How many do you need?



              • BILL WILLIAMSON
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                Bob C,
                I'm not that DESPERATE!
                Bill Hydrated

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              James Rupert extreme leakles pumps are the bees knees.
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                My car came with a "leakless" pump and so far no leaks. How does one distinguish who supplied the pump ?


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                  NO ONE seems to put their "BRAND" name on them. I once saw a rebuilt water pump, with a sticker inside the water part of it, that said, "WARRANTY IS VOIDED IF THIS STICKER IS REMOVED"! (I REALLY saw it, with my own eyes! I don't ever lie, except in bed---LOL)
                  Bill Anonymous


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                    I did some reading about the James Rupert pumps and I think he does about as much as can be done with that approach. I think they should be durable enough to justify the price. I agree, they are the best on the market.
                    I take a completely different approach and use a modern ceramic seal. They are pricey to make and there is a fair bit of work involved so they would be too expensive to market. Like the Rupert pump, they look completely original when fitted. I have made one for each of my Model As and won't have to touch a water pump again in my lifetime.


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