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    I was working in Dayton this morning and on the way back to Cincinnati I decided to look up some parts shops in the area. Since I was driving through and had a few minutes I would stop and check them out. Gaslight is in Urbana, too far north. Ahooga is right on the way home. I stopped in what is a factory and I couldn't believe what I saw. Punch presses actually making parts for A's and T's here in Ohio. They make almost all the parts in the catalog at this small plant. Now if Mitch tells me how to do it, or if I email the pdf to him, I can share the catalog with all that would like. He says it is not totally up to date, but has a lot of good stuff. They sell wholesale and retail. Made in USA
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    They make some nice items, but some of the small parts are listed as 28-31, when they really are for 29-31, as the 28 part is different.
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      thanks dm,just checked it out. MAGA


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        What is a MAGA?

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        that's what I was wondering.

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      Originally posted by bambooboy View Post
      thanks dm,just checked it out. MAGA
      No political reference BS please.


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