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Early lug nut sizes

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  • Early lug nut sizes

    Good Evening Everyone,

    On my early 1928 Tudor Sedan there are some strange lug nuts on the spare wheel carrier. It appears that the early cars used slightly smaller lug nuts. On my Tudor it has fitted the smaller lug nuts but the previous owner has fitted later larger lug nuts on the spare tyre carrier. This plays havoc if I need to change a tyre. I am told between 1926-27 and early 28 the lug nuts were 11/16” across the flats. It appears these are no longer available unless you want to buy a complete set at $158!!!!! Thats more than a heart by pass in France!!!!!

    Does anyone have a couple of these early lug nut, plus a locking lug nut in their box of bit, that they would sell me please?

    All the best from rural France,


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    Sorry I don't have any in my stash, but should be able to aquire them from the T guys.
    I picked up a complete set in great shape at a Flea market for my father in laws car. Think I paid $10. Hope you find the same deal.
    By the way; what hub caps are you using? AR rims as well?
    We may have to start a new thread for some of these responses.
    picture of early 28 hubcaps. Canadian edition.
    I don't need anymore now, thankfully. It was a 20 year search to find all I needed.
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    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      I think these might work.



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        Evening Jeff,

        My Tudor is Canadian built and she still has the original AR his caps.



        • JDupuis
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          Lucky you. Hard to find items. Jeff

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        Good Evening Bob,

        Very many thanks re the lug nuts. I have contacted that company with a couple of questions. Fingers crossed they are the right ones.




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