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  • King Pins and Bushings

    In the next couple days I'm going to be fitting my king pins to new bushings. I'm not sure what the clearance should be. Anybody have an idea what the specs are on that? Here's another question. I noticed the upper thrust bearing was on what looked upside down. Both sides were that way and as far as I can tell nothing has ever been done to the front axle. I can post a picture...

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    I always have mine honed for a perfect interference fit
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      Ok I'll go along with that. But what do you consider a perfect interference fit? Just enough the pin goes in without forcing it?


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        Originally posted by Dennis View Post
        Ok I'll go along with that. But what do you consider a perfect interference fit? Just enough the pin goes in without forcing it?
        Yep, about like the piston wrist pin with a .0005" fit.


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          Ok. That's what I thought but wanted to make sure. Been a long time since I've done car or pickup pins and bushings.
          Thanks Mitch and Tom.


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            I think the advice given above is all very sound. My only addition to this is "Don't leave the bushes too tight" The car will be all over the road if they are. You should be able to turn the pin in the bush with your hand but not feel any play. I lapped mine in using the part of the old pin that was in the axle. I prefer this way as a hone only follows what it there already and will not leave the hole any more round than what ever preceded it (reamer?)


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              Ok I finished em up with a .8125" reamer and did the last step with a light touch up with a hone. Pins went in fine turn by hand nicely and no side play.

              Purdy, I think a .814 would have been a bit too much but everybody has their preference. I looked at Amazon going through page after page and came to one that was the last one left. It has 8 flutes, .8125" dia., and was priced at $10.31.

              I made my own fixture to keep the reamer centered and straight in the bushings. It is not the same as the vendors sell. Not saying theirs is not any good, just that I saved quite a bit and I am very happy with my results.


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                You're right about that, cost too much. Too bad they can't be rented. All of the material I used for mine were salvage pieces of metal. Sometimes it pays to hang onto some of that junk.


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                  Haven't been on in a while but....Hopefully you got this done but if not I would try to find a local machine shop with a pin hone.. sunnen variety or otherwise. I have one in my shop and it is indispensable! Couldn't do what I do or nearly as well without it. As tom said a .0005 fit is good.

                  I use them for brake shaft, spindle bolts, any bushed and fit shaft and bushings so they have a good smooth tight fit.
                  Larry Shepard


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