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  • Who Needs Gas Tank Clamps

    Seems like someone is always needing these tank clamps, even though the seller calls them "bushings". Too bad the bolts are gone.

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    I never put mine back on. Has seemed OK for 25 years


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      Cheap enough, until you pay his shipping price. ? ? ?
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        It has been so long since I put mine back on the 29 but I think one of them had a metal retainer for the vacuum line. I was able to
        reuse the bolts in mine. I guess the engineers determined that clamps were necessary for the weight of a fully loaded gas tank.


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          I have about 30 or 40 extras. Berts charge $3.00 each for them. Shipping would be about the same from Berts. So this does not look to be a bad deal. As far as the bolts I seem to only have about a 25% survival rate. Rod
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            what are your thoughts? I have heard good reports on the Por-15 paint but have some reservations using an internal coating.
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            I need better gloves. Hose clamp let loose on blaster but tank is looking stellar....
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