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6 Volt Positive Ground LED Bulbs Found

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  • 6 Volt Positive Ground LED Bulbs Found

    I finally found some 6 volt LED bulbs that really work with positive ground. A year ago I bought some form China that claimed to be good for + ground, but it was a lie. I bought these to try in the instrument panel in my Studebakers, which are also 6 volt positive ground cars. The put out a nice light, but unfortunately didn't work to light up the special glow in the dark gauges that Studebaker used in 1947-52 cars. I can use these to make turn signals for the Model A.
    Do a Google search for and search through the vast assortment of LED's they offer.

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    Thanks for sharing. We've bought from them for a '49 Ply.tail lights et al.. The lights were great (similar to the 1157 hyper shape) but got real hot behind plastic repro. lenses because they were forward throw. We've been searching for 1158 style dual contact bulbs with direct opposite side pins for another 6 volt car with turn signals and no luck finding them so far. The 1157's pins are offset and can be made to work. BTW, we've had good success with the A vendors' rear LED's 12 volts, installed by a prior owner for tail/stop/turn signals in 1 turnkey system. We didn't need the special 12volt electronic flasher to operate them as some have experienced.
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      If anyone is having trouble with LED turnsignal lights flashing too fast change your flasher Go to and change your flasher to a 6 volt positive flasher #84787 It works
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      Looking on the internet for a Model T friend of mine who needs a low current 6 volt flasher and found one on Amazon. Looks like it's built using an internal relay, so it's not load dependent for flash rate.

      01-23-2020, 08:21 PM