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    Well, after some, in depth, diagnosis, it seems my "oil leak" is, mostly coolant. I can't tell precisely where its coming from. The car has a pressurized system and an overflow added so I'll have to get it up to temp and have a look see. It is leaking oil from the rear main, as well. I think I'll drop the pan and Plastigauge it. I have a rather steep, long driveway here at The Fongderosa so any leak in that area is going to be exacerbated each time I drive up to the house. My concerns, that I had bought a pig in a poke, have been assuaged.
    Has it ever occurred to you that the sole purpose for your existence might be to serve as a warning to others?

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    Carl that is much better news. Remember Model A’s will leak when the front of the car is up on a steep incline.. There is no rear seal to hold the oil in... So make sure before you go dropping the pan.. Also make sure that the oil level is not overfull on a level surface.
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      Keeping the coolant level on a Model A has been debated and thrashed continuously. What I have found is, if you fill it to the top it will find it's own level just below the baffle. If you fill it just over the baffle it will stay close to that level. One thing I would advise, when you pull the pan and rear cap, use the tin foil folded in half, pull the plugs and turn the crank by hand, if it is stiff using an extension bar then pull a .001 shim from either side and try it again. I know that this was not done upon reassembly after the babbit fix, which could have negated the fix if it is too loose. Carl, I would also get the 3/8 drain tube and replace the 5/16 drain tube.
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        He said it has a pressurized system???. That would negate the baffle deal
        3 ~ Tudor's
        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          Carl my truck was jacked up in the front while I worked on the front end and leaked oil a good bit. After I let it down it almost completely stopped. Hope that's your case as well.


          • Beauford
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            yes, with my front axle out on stands it will mark its spot.

          • BNCHIEF
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            Beau I thought you marked a spot when it went pop.

          • Beauford
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            Chief...yes, yes I did!

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          I think it's more than the typical Model A oil leak. It left a pretty long, wide stripe up the driveway. I'm gonna go in there and take up the rear main, a tad.
          Has it ever occurred to you that the sole purpose for your existence might be to serve as a warning to others?


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            Great news, tinfoil set the mains,plastigauge is dicey..coolant leak? Easy the Wiz is safe huh...


            • Mitch
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              Feel free to put together a tutorial for the tech section on how to set the bottom end clearances.

            • CM2
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              Okey dokey,Will do...give me a bit to format it correctly,the actual process includeds using a measured constant (the tin foil) and feel. Basically you use the tin foil as the "go/no go" while removing shims. Use the "go/no go" in reverse when dressing bearing caps when the shims are gone.
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            • Mitch
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              Take your time and lots of pics

            • CarlLaFong
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              I suspect The Wiz is, somewhat, like the Loch Ness Monster. There are rumors of his existence but little in the way of hard evidence to corroborate them.

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