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Gas Rationing Pre WW2

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  • Gas Rationing Pre WW2

    Were there any gas rationing stickers used before World War Two?
    I suppose it would not be incorrect to have a rationing stickers on an A as they were still quite abundant during the 1940’s, although if there were stickers used in the 30’s it would be more authentic.
    Where would one find a reproduction sticker?
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    No rationing before 1942, and yes it looks good on any pre-War car.

    I have seen repops for sale at swap meets probably they are on Amazon or one of the vendors. .


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      I could be all wet but i thought rationing was a WW2 deal only.

      The old timer that would be 107 years old today who taught me so much about As and Ts had an A coupon because he was involved in defense engineering. He modified his wife's Austin (little tiny car with a little tiny engine) so that it would run on cleaning fluid, which was readily available in drug stores. She drove all over the place.

      He never mentioned any rationing before that. He was born 1911


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        Google gas ration stickers or go to amazon. They're out there.
        Paul in CT


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            here are some,
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