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  • Victoria progress

    I’ve made some progress on the interior. I have a Lebaron Bonney kit. I have had every panel on and off several times to trim, cut, and refit . I Have the original panels to guide me and have been able to follow the original nail holes in some of the wood. In the picture the door panel is not attached, it is just hanging fo a trial fit as is the panel above the door. I called Lebaron Bonney last week with a question, had to leave a message, still no reply. What a shame.

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    Looks like you are doing a nice job with the trim, cut and fit part of the process!


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      Very nicely done Art, can't wait for more pictures.
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        I am glad the panels are too large instead of too small. This is very rewarding work.


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          Well regarding the customer support this has been an issue. They have grown into supplying many other interior kits for all different types of cars. Unfortunately the customer service seems to have been left behind. Any future interior things i need will be from Mike at Classtique. It does look very nice so you will get there thanks for the pics. I especially like that calendar on the wall next to the fuse box. It's no doubt Supergnats 28 Leatherback.

          Nice job Art
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            Right again Mitch!


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              Great job !! a reminder that little wrinkles can be steamed out and the panels can be skewed slightly as needed. You also may need to trim down the handle or riser springs if they are repro's and too stiff to compress.We also save any scraps of material in case of mishaps.


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                Art, LBB was sold a few years ago and there have been numerous complaints about customer support.

                I would keep calling back until you get someone


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                  Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
                  Art, LBB was sold a few years ago and there have been numerous complaints about customer support.

                  I would keep calling back until you get someone
                  A little research on youtube answered my question. The instructions said there were 1/2" cardboard strips included for the headliner. I did not have those in the kit but a quick trip to Wal Mart for a roll of upholstery tacking strip took care of that. They will probably call right after Fordwood calls back from two years ago.


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                    IF you have to pre-drill any holes for Wood Screws, John, across the street, taught me to drill them with a small Finishing Nail, it doesn't remove wood, just COMPRESSES it, for a better thread GRIP. He's a Master Carpenter & a GENIUS Finish Carpenter. He's built stuff you couldn't believe, inside their house!
                    KDad Bill W.


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                      I used Dads tip for pre-piloting the top and gutter nailing on my Tudor. It’s a great idea that works

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                      Bill I have done the same thing with nails they actually make a tool to do that it is called a nail spinner and it is made by vermont american tools made need to look that up for the tool section.

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                    That is good advice. Thanks Handytip Dad


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                      These cars leak in a heavy rainstorm and the cardboard panels warp out of shape. I used them as a pattern to make thin fiberglass panels. You can also coat the cardboard with West epoxy. This is not for you purist. Bob


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                        Another trick so you don't split the wood, especially old wood, is to slightly dull the sharp tip of the nail. With 16d nails on a major construction project if I am worried about old wood, I just turn them upside down and whack the point with the hammer. For something delicate such as on an A, I will take a handfull to the grinding wheel and just touch the tip for a half-second. Never split wood again


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                          Nice work...remember to put gloves on,I always forget to wear gloves..Ill think of something,wander out to the shop and before I know it my fingerprints are all over the work.


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                            Do Doctors wear GLOVES, to prevent leaving FINGERPRINTS on the PATIENT????---Then you can't SUE them for something????
                            My worst is when they put on gloves & grab a BIG Glob of VASELINE---NLOL
                            Dad Shuddering

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                            They say it only hurts for a minute,then you like it...I brought flowers and candy to my last colonoscopy