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    This morning's model a of the day on MAFCA is my father and his roadster. He sold the town sedan he and I restored in 1960, and bought the roadster in 1967. It was in a barn at a pansy farm, where the owner had stashed several model A;s to sell in his retirement. It was completely original. He took 7 years restoring it, and enjoyed it up until his death in 1981. We never found the roadster after he sold it just before he died, but we found the town sedan, and my brother and I have taken turns owning it. It now is at my brother's place in VT.
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    Eastern Connecticut

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    Thanks for the story Bill. That is a neat picture and I wondered what was behind it when I saw it.


    • 2manycars
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      I gave Rick all that information, but he did not include it with the photo.

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    Thanks for sharing Bill. Great memories for you, I'm sure. Jeff
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


    • Mitch
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      Thanks Bill

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    This is today's picture

    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

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      My uncle Joe, the oldest of six children, had to drop out of school very early in order to work and help keep the family together. It was called the Great Depression. Their father had been killed in a farm accident when Joe was a boy.

      Joe got a job in the mills at Bethlehem Steel and as soon as he could, he purchased the first family motor vehicle. It was a well worn 1929 Model A Roadster....
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      Here is a photo of the guy who was on the vererans float with me. It was his birthday, and he was 95 years old that day. He told me that exactly 75 years ago, also on his birthday, he got his draft notice for WW2.
      You might notice that he looks better than me.
      The other photo is my daughter and her dog, and me.
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 2 photos.
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      My friend is 87 years old, and his legs do not work as well as he would like, and he asked me if there was some conversion to aid clutching, or even an automatic transmission adaption. He does not want to give up driving his Victoria.
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      Hello all,

      As I promised a while back, here is the story and some pictures of my 1929 Tudor.

      My great-grandfather purchased this car new in 1929, and drove it daily as his only vehicle throughout the remainder of his life. When he passed in the 70's, the car was given to my Grandfather. My grandfather owned a small paint and body shop in which he fixed/painted hundreds of...
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      Unfortunately last Thursday, we lost our 85 year old friend we purchased our '29 Model A Coupe from. He had four other Model A's, and his family took possession of the other three. My wife and I felt honored that he offered and sold his coupe to us. He had purchased the car in the the mid 1970's for $350.00 from the original owners off a farm in Wisconsin. He finished a frame off restoration in 1979....
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 5 photos.
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      Dad Williamson
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      This won't be easy to write but here we go.
      I had a very sad phone call with dad BILL WILLIAMSON today. Yes it was sad but it was also enlightening. Enlightening because he is ready and mentally prepared to take the trip. He told me that he had a "good run". I ask for all of you to please pray for his safe passage to Model A heaven. He is so at peace and looking forward to seeing his...
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      Years a go a friend came to me and said he found a 2 door Model A that he wanted. But there was a 1930 four door there also. He said the guy would only sell both. So I got the four door, he got the tudor. The problem was we had to take the wall down on the lean too that was attached to the garage, to get his tudor out. Then the guy made us put it back up after we got the car out. He did not help....
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      More model A of the day
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      My brother is at it again. This photo is model a of the day. When he bought this truck more than 20 years ago, his little daughter declared it was hers. ...
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