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    This morning's model a of the day on MAFCA is my father and his roadster. He sold the town sedan he and I restored in 1960, and bought the roadster in 1967. It was in a barn at a pansy farm, where the owner had stashed several model A;s to sell in his retirement. It was completely original. He took 7 years restoring it, and enjoyed it up until his death in 1981. We never found the roadster after he sold it just before he died, but we found the town sedan, and my brother and I have taken turns owning it. It now is at my brother's place in VT.

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    Thanks for the story Bill. That is a neat picture and I wondered what was behind it when I saw it.


    • 2manycars
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      I gave Rick all that information, but he did not include it with the photo.

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    Thanks for sharing Bill. Great memories for you, I'm sure. Jeff


    • Mitch
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      Thanks Bill

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    This is today's picture

    2 1930 Tudors

    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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