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Clings V8 trans in an "A"

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  • Clings V8 trans in an "A"

    Looking for first hand experience with this modification. Are the pedals and emergency brake handle, situated in EXACTLY the original location? Or are floorboard issues created, requiring mods to the floorboards and steetting column seal?

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    With this kit everything should be the same. No i never installed one
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      After conversing with Dudley, I think the gearshift location is moved back slightly. If using a mid 29-31 e-brake handle I think that is ok. If using the 28 or early 29 handle you will need to make your own mount. Pedals are in the stock location. Rod
      At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


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        I'm not gonna do it, but I'm curious what is the benefit of installing a V8 trans?


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          Synchro gears if using the right one. I have a 39 transmission that is nice inside that I plan to use in the delivery. Also with a good cluster gear would have another to use in another car. With carefull section it is much cheaper than the Mitchell synchro transmission. Rod
          At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


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            As a side note, we once had a coupe with a 2000cc Pinto engine which rev'd too high for the stock A tranny to shift into first gear and a challenge at 2nd. A synchro box would have been beneficial.


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              I thought that the Pinto engine conversion took the tranny with it.

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            Carl, the builder we got the car from left everything stock except the engine and cleverly mated it to the fly housing. We sure would have preferred the Pinto tranny.


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              I have seen a couple of Pinto conversions.
              The problem with that motor is there is no low end torque and you have to rev the nuts off it to get it to do anything


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                I have a 39 transmission that is a candidate for this mod with a meager $200 parts investment, so the overall cost is less than half of what a Mitchell would run. Its not a double clutch issue with me as much as it's a clutch chatter problem. As long as I have to deal with the clutch, I'll put a v8 clutch in and at the same time make shifting a bit friendlier. I have a friend with a home machine shop who can do the flywheel machining for nothing so the incentives are there.
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                  Not interested in any pinto mods, I won't stray that far from purity.