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My new king pin reamer from snyders is pretty and sharp!!

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  • My new king pin reamer from snyders is pretty and sharp!!

    This ain't no foreign BS!!

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    Don't tease me with new tools


    • Beauford
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      $150 one time use....LOL

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    Where did you get it?
    1~1931 Tudor ~ Dad
    2~1930 Tudor's ~ Lucy & Paul

    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


    • tbirdtbird
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    • Beauford
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      The Birds the word! Yeah...brattons Canadian one was unavailable. So went to Snyders. SCORE!

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    They sure don't give them away do they...........but if you need one you will have it!


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      Most people save money and have them honed to fit at a machine shop. Good luck with it.
      Paul in CT


      • Beauford
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        Paul, I'm in so deep what's $150 for a one time use.....LOL

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      I. Prices: (FWIW)

      A. My king pin reamer was less than $100.00 dollars a few years ago .... best to buy them before they are no longer af-Ford-able ... (LOL)

      B. I also bought a complete set of vintage, adjustable reamers in a neat metal box for far less on E-bay.

      C. With an adjustable reamer set, rather than buy all of the different very "expensive" Model A reamers offered, one can use an adjustable set to ream all Model A bushings.

      II. Subsequent Model A Bushing Honing Tip For All Model A Bushings:

      A. Get a wood dowel quite smaller than the inside diameter of the new reamed bushing that needs honing.

      B. With a sharp pocket knife, make several slices on the entire circumference of the dowel for a columnar length of about 3". (Do not remove sliced wood from dowel; however, raise the wood slices so the sharp wood edges protrude upward from the un-sliced parts of the wood dowel.)

      C. Wrap (4) aught (0000) steel wool counter-clockwise around said wood dowel and allow wood slices to grip steel wool.

      D. Place this steel wool wrapped dowel in an electric drill and allow steel wool to rotate clock-wise and up and down in said reamed bushing.

      E. In a short time this reamed bushing will be as slick and as smooth as float glass after observing same under a microscope; plus bushings will not have embedded dumb honing stone grit in bushings to eat up and wear out king pins and distributor shafts.

      F. Vintage gunsmiths have been using this honing method for years to polish interiors of super fine skeet & trap shot guns to improve patterns and to avoid damaging round lead shot ...... and also for greatly increasing lead shot shell velocity and range.

      G. However, the above vintage method of making said honing tool and subsequent method of honing Model A bushings is recommended only for very careful Model A owners who can chew gum, ride a bicycle, and wave at the neighbor's dog with only one hand, all at the same time .... (LOL)
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