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Tight (very) Rear end!

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    Bring the Diff to Brent's workshop
    2 1930 Tudors

    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      Hi Terry,

      With sincere compassion, most of us Model A owners can relate to your tight rear end dilemma!

      Success usually happens only for those few intelligent individuals who take chances.

      It has been told that dealing with very intense stress during one's "short" life on Earth, this intense stress issue was once addressed in a Class .... by a College Professor .... with a student extending his/her hand outward and holding a half-full glass of water.

      All students immediately thought this was the old half-empty glass; or, half-full glass of water test .... indicating different types of human "positive" reactions vs. human "negative" reactions after looking at this half-glass.

      However, the student was asked to hold the half-glass for a longer period of time until his/her arm got extremely tired and started to hurt and tremble.

      The Professor indicated that the moral of this story was ............. whether one has a "positive" or "negative" attitude, forget if the half-glass is half-empty or half-full, if it is heavy, just drop the heavy half-glass, and get on with Life.

      Appears sooner or later, we all learn that life is full of similar Model A "Tight Rear End" salesmen jerks ...... if he won't answer his phone calls, as difficult as it may appear, please, just try dropping this one (1) half-glass of water.

      However, some people are quite different. If this Professor's proposal does not "totally" ease the stress for every Model A Forum member, one could try buying a Voodoo Doll, tie it to the Model A differential, and stick a needle in the doll's Rear End every time one passes by this Model A differential.

      Sincerely hope this helps ........ "Tight Rear End" salesmen jerks are everywhere and are dime a dozen, and life really is so darn "Short".


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        That selection of words, "Tight rear end" was an unfortunate choice of words! I was thinking only of this differential that didn't turn very easily, not considering what some horney bast**rd would see it as, LOL! I was somewhat distracted by my anger and not thinking of the possibilities.