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  • Leakless water pump

    Is the rear brass bushing with the seal supposed to be lubed?
    Not sure what pump prior owner installed.It looks stock from exterior and shaft doesn't move laterally. Any way to tell without removing pump to see if it has modern components?
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    Mine leakless (from A&L) has a fitting at the rear, I pulled it and there was grease there. You might do the same and see.
    Paul in CT


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      When or if you do grease the rear bushing, I like to loosen the packing nut so the grease goes forward rather than pushing through the seal.


      • aford193031
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      Well, I'm not sure everyone is on the same page. The leakless kit that I used to rebuild my pump came with a single unit that was pressed into the rear of the housing with 2 seals and a roller bearing and NO packing nut to loosen. I did add a bit of my favorite grease on the roller but it didn't have a hole in the brass housing to enable you to use the rear fitting to lube the roller. I did however lube the front as it had the same style roller bearing inside the race with holes to get grease.
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        Thanks for the tips. We studied the vendors today and wasn't aware there are so many "improvements" now supplied within the stock looking housing. The Rupert pump looks promising but can't seem to rebuild our own, lube or add packing if necessary with theirs. Not sure a tiny amount of water pump grease is a bad thing and some now provide double sealed roller bearings in both ends.
        Edit: 2 styles of Rupert pumps; only difference apparent is that the rear has sealed ball bearing and 5 year warranty vs. the cheaper one's conventional bearing and 3 year warranty. Is there any preference ?
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        • CarlG
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          My "5-year" Rupert pump has been running now for 7 years and still going strong.

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        Is there a site for a Rupert Model A leakless water pump


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          HIs EXTREME pumps are worth every penny
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          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          • Mitch
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            Remember the R/S upper mounting bolt stud goes into the water jacket. (the hole is not blind) Use sealer on that particular one

          • BNCHIEF
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            What Mitch said i run one.

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          Finally figured out what we have after reviewing the Rupert cutaways: the sealed rear bearing type requiring no grease and no packing nut movement. There are no exposed threads at the bushing -to- packing nut on ours.One can't beat Rupert's warranties..
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            There are SO many CONFIGURATIONS of "Leakless" pumps, it's sometimes hard to figure out which one you have. If it has BLANK fittings, it requires NO GREASE.
            I've heard GREAT things about the Rupert Pumps. He's a member of the Model A Club, in Bakersfield, Ca, 107 Miles South of me. I'm quite sure he has a website.
            Bill W. In slightly sprinkling Fresno, Kalifornia.

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          I have a James Rupert Extreme Duty pump on my 1930 2 Door. A great product built by a gentleman. He does recommend using an anti corrosive with pump lube if you are using straight water. Of course antifreeze will cover all the bases. Just left the 25 below zero cold in Vermont and am settled in the Florida house. Model A resting comfortably in the heated cellar in Vermont.


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            Hey Easty, WELCOME to the VFF!!

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          Easty welcome to the VFF florida is nice this time of year but come spring i am sure you will be headed home.


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