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Handy Battery Jumper Wires

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  • Handy Battery Jumper Wires

    I usually make up clip leads with alligator clips on each end, and usually make up one wire at a time. Sometimes you need to power an item right off the battery or from the large nut and stud at the starter switch, so I picked up up a pair of battery clamps and a set of 4 alligator clips at Menards for a couple bucks. I used an electrical cord from the surplus store for another 95 cents, so I only have about $3 into this 6 foot jumper wires. I left the wires connected together since both ends will usually be used together. They are easily pulled apart if I need to use the ends further apart. I'll coat the alligator clips with red and black Plasticoat to insulate them.
    Notice that I always solder the wires to the clips, rather than crimp them. I crimp the insulation only.
    Clip Leads.JPG

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    Wow, nice jumpers, Tom.


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      I have several of those in my electrical drawer of my tool box. I agree with soldering the connections.
      Eastern Connecticut


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        I have the Longacre #45740 jumper posts from Speedway on both A's and the car trailer. These posts are mounted where I can access them easily. I highly recommend buying the bracket.


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