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Identifying Your Generator

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  • Identifying Your Generator

    Over the years generators have been swapped on the Model A's, so now days you can normally have 1 of 4 different styles. First came the 5 brush powerhouse, then the 3 brush powerhouse, then the long generator known as the Autolite style. After Model A production ended and the Model B began, the generator also changed slightly, and now many B style generators can also be found on the Model A. People have also mix and matched the end plates on the long generators, so you can have a combination of parts.

    All these changes makes it hard for many to know exactly what they have. To help you identify what you have, go to the TECH section, then the GENERATOR thread. I have added information and pictures showing how to install the electronic voltage regulator (EVR) for the two styles of the long generator. I will add information on the 3 and 5 brush powerhouse later. This should help you identify what you have.

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    Here is the link to the generator tech thread that Tom mentioned
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      That is quite the article. Thank you


      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
        Editing a comment
        Those tech forum threads are each a combo of info from multiple related threads combined

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      I took the generator off of our '28 Coupe to the local shop to be repaired, and the guy is experienced in Model T & Model A generator and starter rebuilds but he ask me a question that I could not answer so I will ask it here.
      Will Model A generators with the two different tapers interchange if you use the complete generator, pulley included? The armatures will not interchange from one...
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      Generator & Cut Out Information, Operation, Repairing, EVR installation!!!
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      Generator Brushes and Adjustment and How It Works.

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      I'm asked quite often about brush adjustment and how they work, so hopefully these pictures will help.
      The first picture is a cutaway taken at the Model A museum at Gilmore Auto Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. The second picture shows the 3 brushes. This happens to be the style...
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      I wanted to share an experience with the no output issue I had with the generator that has a stock cutout. The ammeter needle was not showing a charge. Referencing some ideas from this forum I tried jumping the cutout while increasing rpm's to rule out a bad cutout, but no improvement. Then tried motoring the generator. The generator motored just fine. What I eventually found was the generator output...
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      Generator output post location
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      All Model A fine point cars that I've observed (post Powerhouse gennies, 1929-1931) have the output post on the generator towards the 'back', away from the front of the car. Seems like I've been noticing more Model A's anymore that have the long Autolite generator with the output post on the front near the radiator, so the cutout relay is mounted 'backwards'.

      I realize that the generator...
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      Made Some Progress on the Voltage Regulators
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      After several interruptions this summer, I finally have some electronic voltage regulators ready to mail. The most common generator is the Autolite style, which is the common long generator, so those are the first ones I finished. Now I need to finish the other 3 styles, which I also started earlier this summer. Those 3 styles are the 5 brush powerhouse, 3 brush powerhouse, and the later post Model...
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