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    Happy New Year VFF !!!!! I am trying to figure out if my engine has been gone through before......I took off the valve cover (if anyone wants a Winfield valve cover PM me) to reseal and inspect because of leaks. I noticed a pretty big nut behind the valves in the middle of the motor on the bottom of the valley this nut is a Ny-Lock....pretty sure they didnt have this back in the day. What is this nut for its behind the distributor shaft i believe. Im at work and cannot get a picture of it at this time. Is the Ny-Lock safe in the heat??

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    reckon your talking about your center main bearing bolt nut. Originally a castellated nut and cotter pin.


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      Sounds like someone didn't want to fight the cotter pin.


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        Originally posted by aford193031 View Post
        Sounds like someone didn't want to fight the cotter pin.
        Will the Ny-Lock nut last?????? And what other ares can i look to tell/see if it was been gone through previously?

        Thanks Pat


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          I think it will last OK, but I like to stay original with castle nuts and cotter pins.


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            Castellated nut with cotter pin is what Ford used to lock a fastener.The problem with that arrangement is The fastener needs to loose its torque value before the cotter pin does its job.Modern locking arrangements are superior,though I dont use Nylocks on a torqued fastener they can be effective,I just did my mains with grade 8 nuts and hard washers,used a drop of loctite blue to lock the nut,unlike a Nylock,loctite doesnt alter the torque reading.


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              Red nylocks are good for heat
              White nylocks aren't
              How much heat? It's been way too many years for me to remember :-(


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                Originally posted by Big hammer View Post
                Red nylocks are good for heat
                White nylocks aren't
                How much heat? It's been way too many years for me to remember :-(
                Wow Ok it is a white nylock, while im waiting for a original valve cover to come i think i will replace it ....not sure with what yet.....does anyone know the torque value off the top of their head?
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                  Originally posted by Chevmn56 View Post

                  Wow Ok it ois a white nylock while im waiting for a original valve cover to come i think i will replace it ....not sure with what yet.....does anyone know the torque value off the top of their head?
                  You also need to remove the oil pan to replace that nut.


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                    "THERMAL PROPERTIES Most nylon insert locknuts are manufactured from Zytel 101 which has an effective temperature range up to 250 ° F. Zytel 103 has a higher effective range to 350 ° F and can be special ordered for your higher heat applications."

                    Remember, that nut is also cooled by the flow of oil in and around the valve chamber. I don't think there is a need to change it back to castle and cotter pin.
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                      Wiz...chime in anytime on my posts. Mitch always makes me spend money. LOL


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                        Beauford, it is tough for me to chime in on your texting when I don't know what you are texting about.

                      • Beauford
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                        HAHAHA...neat stuff like stripping a axle. Got a chaser on the way. I can still see the threads...hopefully it will work. I can torque to 100 with washer off so got some ARP nuts as well.

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                        Well, let's not hijack this thread. So start another with your problems!

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