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  • Radiator

    Hi, I would like some advice to clean the radiator without having to remove it, someone recommended me to use diluted acid, but I do not know what acid or dilution percentage Thank you

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    Vinegar so I hear...Evapo-Rust as well


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      Here is so more information from the technical section. Read through each reply as they are combined from different threads...

      One method to clean a water jacket The pix are self explanatory. Be very careful working with lye, keep it off your skin and eyes. I bolt the adapter I made to
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        ok thanks, I'll try, there's no worse job than the one that is not done


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          Good luck and in the thread Mitch mentioned they are tried and true.

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        Remember that rust removal products like Evaporust and RUST911 like heat to work, so it's best if they can be 80* or warmer.
        I've had the radiator off my 28 at least 4 times, and it really isn't such a bad job.


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          Thanks. Anyway, I have to see what product I get in Argentina or use diluted muriatic acid


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          I have had my radiator off many times and it really isn't that hard to do. I use the vinegar in mine.

          Remove radiator, lay it down face first with radiator cap, pour 1 gal of vinegar in, let sit for whatever time you have, I like 2 to 5 days, gently sloshing it sometime each day. The vinegar will loosen as well as digest some of the rust, while leaving the radiator clean.

          When I am ready to empty the vinegar out, I strain it through cheese cloth back into the gallon jug, which will show what comes out in the cheese cloth. I then take my garden hose and wash it out from the bottom as that too will drive out whatever rust is still hanging around.

          The cleaning of the engine is another problem. I cleaned mine while I had the head off. Using a gun cleaning bore brush around each cylinder, and a magnet to remove the rust.
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