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2018 Model A Overheating

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  • 2018 Model A Overheating

    This 2018 New Year's Day, be sure to do your part in not allowing your Model A to overheat ..... maintain proper coolant levels at "all" times.

    Don't retard your spark for long periods because this can cause your Model A to overheat; and also, easy on the brakes, they generate heat.

    Remember to lower the winter inside temperature in your Model A garage and in your house ....... lowest level of heat is most important.

    Tomorrow, on New Years Day, celebrate and wear shorts, short sleeves, and/or swim wear because we are all experiencing what was predicted that would happen very soon.

    It is definitely here today at last as we begin 2018 ........ believe it or not ....... and, it has a very special, scientific name, i.e., Global Warming!

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    Global warming fake, because I'm cold. world hunger is fake, because I just ate.


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      I had someone balk at me owning a Model A saying I contribute to Global Warming due to the emissions. I said so do cattle and that's why I eat as much beef as I can to counter balance my wrongs. She stated that she was vegan and said that was wrong as well for killing animals. I asked if she wanted to go deer hunting tomorrow morning as the season is over Jan 6th here in VA. She didn't think that was funny.


      • Dennis
        Dennis commented
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        If she's in your neck of the woods, she's in the wrong territory!!

      • Sunnybrook Farm
        Sunnybrook Farm commented
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        I am in Franklin Co VA and it is cold, no yahoos out hunting this morning, only hard core hunters. One thing for sure the meat won't go bad on the way to the truck.

      • Beauford
        Beauford commented
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        Dennis, I live in a small college me.

        Sunnybrook. I'm in Hanover Co the town of Ashland. I will be in your area next week. I sell to local government water utilities.

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      While driving my Model A around town, I had a gentleman pull up beside me at a signal and remark that the car smelled like it was running rich. I simply leaned out the window and told him I was working on a gross polluter to balance the electric Prius he was driving!
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        If it was a prius I would have said no I was just going to tell you about the electrical sparks I see under your car I thought I smelled wire burning, Do those come with a smoke detector?


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          When below 32* F, (especially after our Model A engines sat without running for a spell), former, old time vintage mechanics used to preach that it was wise to allow our Model A engines to run for a few minutes prior to immediately backing out and hitting the road at full speed.

          For example, when our Model A engine is just sitting, oil usually slowly flows down by gravity into the oil pan below, leaving upper metal parts rather dry with less oil.

          Today, if one has an oil pressure gauge, when our Model A oil is cold, one can witness that the needle maxes out to the right until our engine oil warms a bit which appears to indicate that our engine oil flows more freely when warm.

          For those of us who do not have a modern Model A pressurized oil system pushing oil into our Babbitt bearings, (and depending on our original vintage oil splash system), hitting the road at full speed with warmer oil seems like a better idea to reduce engine wear, even if we have modern multi-grade oil in our Model A crankcase.
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            One could use one of those magnetic pan heaters to warm up the oil in a cold engine before stating it as well as pull the plugs squirt a little oil in the cylinders spin it thru free to make sure the pump is primed good before starting it for the year.


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              I use full synthetic oil in all motors that I have :-)
              I just changed oil in a jeep that was not synthetic and replaced with non- synthetic :-( not my jeep, the oil was stored outside and it flowed like molasses ( 20*F)
              My full synthetic oil flows nice most any temperature!


              • BNCHIEF
                BNCHIEF commented
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                Yes they do and one thing I really like about them.

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              Also, depending on one's worldwide location, and one's average seasonal cold temperatures, a Model A in cold areas rigged with a thermostat can help to achieve one's Model A engine protective operating temperature quickly.


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