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  • Shackle hole

    I have to replace a shackle on the front. I saw a video where they said to drill the hole in the shackle bolt all the way through. The shackle I have the hole only goes part way in. Will this weaken the bolt? Also supposed to grind slots by the holes to hole more grease. Thanks

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    Do you have that video handy online? I install them as is with no issues
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      Its one of the ones put out by diablo A's on rebuilding springs. Towards the end they mention to do it.


      • George Miller
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        The grease is going to take the easy route. To me it makes more sense to put one hole on the side where the weight is. It won,t do much good going to the none pressure side.

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      Bought the shackles from snyders and they look pretty good.


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