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Patch panels and floor pans

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  • Patch panels and floor pans

    And what about floor pans? Who sells the best ones for fit? I like buying Snyder's, but living in OH I pay tax and shipping.

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    If you call Bratton's, trying asking for semi-retired Mr.Walt Bratton who spent his entire life trying to provide only the very best reproduction Model A parts available.

    At times, in his catalog, in addition to his best parts indicated, he also listed the less expensive "Me-Too-Crap" for the cheap "Scrooge" type Model A owners.

    He also knows which Model A parts places sell only the cheap "Me-Too-Crap".


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      And you will spend more time and money with crap parts and still not be satisfied.


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      Originally posted by BNCHIEF View Post
      And you will spend more time and money with crap parts and still not be satisfied.
      You get what you pay for. Buy it once and be done with it.


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        So all but Bratton's is junk?


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          Originally posted by dmdeaton View Post
          So all but Bratton's is junk?
          I doubt it, because Steve at Bert's knows his stuff and strives to sell the best parts also.
          He might even have patch parts from an original car if you ask.


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            Depending on what you need there may be more than one manufacturer of a particular piece. Some may fit better than others, so make a few phone calls and educate yourself. If it's made by one source then you know where you stand and all the suppliers will have the same thing
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              I only ask the question as I am about to take a 4 door body off the frame this spring and figure why not replace the floor pans at that time. I am not looking for points, just building a driver with a hot rod 4 banger. I am in OH right down the road from a couple of the vendors who stamp this stuff.


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                If they are available it is quite a job to do it right as they do add to the structional integrity of the body so before one goes to removing these it is best to have that body rigidly supported so nothing moves or you will not have a good time later, That is a repair to avoid if possible see what you have replace only what you have to. If you do not care about authenticity go from there, post some pics when you see what you have and maybe some folks can help. Brattons has been in the deal for a long time and I trust their advice, ditto for Snyders as well as Steve Becker at Bert's these are the folks I deal with so I am not going to badmouth anyone, I look for quality first price second and shipping third to make my choice and have been happy with all three.


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                  Sounds good guys, not going to do much with it till I get some time off work. Couple months. I have some good help around me in the area. Tom Mack restored my roadster and he is close to me. I am only assuming now and trying to get some tips. Is there a exploded diagram of the body somewhere in documentation? I think I must have all the books.


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                    Could not answer that take pics before you start an experienced guy will know the rights,wrongs and what is really needed.


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                      Yes, Mack is doing fine. Shop is nice, I didn't know him at the time of fire. He is staying busy.


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                        Is the floor pans "rusted" thru? If it only has a few bad spots, how about making some patches and welding them in. Of course Bert's may have one in better condition than yours. Can you identify if it is a fordor or town Sedan? Briggs, Murray or Ford built?


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