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Henry Ford's model A air cleaner patent

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  • Henry Ford's model A air cleaner patent

    Check this out. Has anybody ever seen one in person?

    Eastern Connecticut

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    Very interesting idea Bill. Thanks for finding that.

    I don't remember ever seeing one.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Wow that is some great reading, an air cleaner with no filter. A vortex flow aided by the engine fan to disperse the heavier particles out an exit path. I bet the engine pans were needed for this to work properly. Maybe other than prototypes it was never produced?
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      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        Bill, where did you dig this up at?

      • 2manycars
        2manycars commented
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        I was going through my old book marks on my computer, since it it colder than a well diggers butt, and I am trying to stay warm.

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      With the vast majority of rural roads being dirt, I find it fascinating that Ford didn't offer some sort of air cleaner back in the day. It would be interesting to have info on typical miles driven, oil change frequency and repair/maintainence schedules for that time period.


        BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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        Some Folks assemble their engines with GREAT care & cleanliness, then drive the danged thing with NO AIR FILTER!!!!---"Maybe" they think dust will SEAT the rings, WRONG, dust will EAT the rings!!!!
        AND, Folks think Ol' Bill's NUTS!!! (Like a FOX!)---LOL

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      I came across this report a couple years ago and found it very interesting, wonder why Henry didn't pursue it.


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