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Hole size for 1931 side mount spare

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  • Hole size for 1931 side mount spare

    Can someone tell me what is the correct size hole for the grommet that goes in the splash shield for a side mount spare tire bracket? The service bulletins have it listed as an 1 5/8 inch hole, but this is for a 28-29 car. Is it the same size for a 1931 160B? Thanks

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    I tried to place some dividers through the grommet in our 160 B, and it was a little more than 1 1/2" though approximate.. The vendors' repro grommets fit if that helps, though the bracket (round portion) needs to be exactly centered in the apron hole for the grommet to fit properly.
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      Thanks Plyfor, so are you saying that the inside diameter of the grommet is 1 1/2 inch? or the hole in the sheet metal is 1 1/2 inch?


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        Ed: Just had a chance to peel back the grommet on both mounts. The actual shield hole varies slightly on each side, but the average diameter is 1 9/16". Would suggest having the (repro) grommets before doing the holes if that's possible as a cross check so the grommet covers the hole completely. We ordered an extra because they can tear when trying to force them in the holes (with the arm in place and if the hole is offset slightly).


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          Thanks, I will drill holes in a scrap piece of sheet metal and see if it fits.


          • Mark Maron
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            THEN place the grommet in boiling water and let it soften. then insert for fit...Do that with a test and the final one also

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          So I drilled a practice hole with an 1 1/2 inch hole saw in an old licence plate and the new grommet would not go in . Thanks for the tip on boiling water Mark, that dose make it much more pliable.But, then I started thinking, with the compound curves at that location of the splash shield, the hole saw blade should create an oblong hole as it penetrates the steel. First I used the cork trick to mark where the center of the hole should go, Then with the 1 1/2 hole saw, slowly drilled in reverse to make the hole. Sure enough, when the hole was complete the grommet slid in rather easily. Thanks again to all for the help.


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            What is the "cork trick" you used to mark the center of the hole location?


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              tonypmoore WELCOME to the VFF!!
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                Click this link it might have the information you need.



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