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    I am trapped with one car in Florida (with my Les Andrews Red Book) and one in Georgia. I think that my question would be answered with the book. I am working on the one in Georgia and need to buy a fan belt. Can anyone tell me the size and if I can just get this at an auto parts store?

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    5L440 is the NAPA number
    just cross reference that
    gates is 3440

    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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      I have used th 5L440, as well as the Gates 600, I believe

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    Wow, amazingly fast response. I am just now leaving to NAPA to get the belt. Thanks Mitch.


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      If you have an alternator, get the belt with the internal "teeth" that let it curve around the small pulley better.
      Eastern Connecticut


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        Thanks to you both. I have the original generator not an alternator. When I pulled the car out of the barn in TN it did not have a fan belt. I found that not one of the three close auto parts stores had one in stock so I ordered the Gates belt and will have it this afternoon. Thanks again. Also just pulled down a copy of the electrical diagram posted on the technical pages so I can sound out everything before starting up. Great to have that info on the site so I don't have to ask a question to determine. When all your reference books are in one state and you are in another, you realize how much you depended on them!


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          Thought we might talk about the change from the FLAT Model T belt, to the "V" type belt. START THINKING!!!
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