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    Since I don't know what the body on a chassis looks like (fenders, aprons, welt, rubber blocks) I was wondering if there were any publications that show pictures of mounting all these items? I'm a picture guy and like detailed representations. '29 Roadster P/U. The Model A pickup book isn't cutting it. It doesn't have to be a pickup, once I see the whole concept I will be able to figure it out. Thanks!

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    Beauford, you need to get a live in Ole Timer. I've been looking, but there either drinking constantly or chasing women. Books are for the shelf, you should be doing something productive, multiple times over and over again, until you get it right . I put 2 starters together 3 times and still don't know if they work ! I'll probably take them apart again and put bushings and brushes in this time
    Model A's and of course the famous AA's


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      So Pat, what you are saying is keep [email protected]%&king with this thing! HAHAHA....I guess I will know if I got it right when I go 45mph and it stays all together!


      • pAAt
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        It sounds like your roadster is going to be a beautiful pickup !! All you need to do is get it running good enough to make it to Mitch's house. Then stay until it runs as it should ! ;) Pat

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      Mitch would be scratching his head looking at my project. Going..."poor boy must'a fell on his head at some point" LOL


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