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Original Electric Wiper Needs Repair

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  • Original Electric Wiper Needs Repair

    Wimps need not apply. LOL
    Actually there might be some usable parts on this. I bought a powerhouse generator once that looked almost as bad, and I was able to save everything except the broken brush holder, brushes, and rear cover.

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    I am brave, but I think this one is gone. Best you could hope for is parts in the transmission being good enough to repair another wiper motor. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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      Evaporust to save the day!!!


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        Originally posted by Rowdy View Post
        I am brave, but I think this one is gone. Best you could hope for is parts in the transmission being good enough to repair another wiper motor. Rod
        That's what I was thinking also. Might get lucky and save the base, or at least the brass ground strap.


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          I have a few original electric wipers that actually work ...... as well as a little bit better 1930's odd looking repo by some unknown manufacturer.

          These old wipers appear very helpful as ornaments just in case one encounters an accident on a rainy day when you might probably avoid being charged by a jury with driving an 85+ year old Model A in the rain "without" a windshield wiper.

          As mentioned often for safety, fresh "Rain-X" on a clean Model A windshield works great with the vintage wiper set on OFF.

          I never tried an experimental "happy" dog standing on my Model A hood with a windshield wiper attached to his wagging tail; but I think this may be a noticeable improvement to my vintage electric wipers ...... but the jury would not find this acceptable to be driving "without" a Model A windshield wiper.

          Hope this helps someone to maybe consider installing a vintage Model A windshield ornament to help avoid jury conviction for risking driving in the rain without this vintage windshield ornament.
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            The Heinze electric wiper on my very early '29 Tudor worked good. Car was originally from Wisconsin must not have driven it in the rain much!


            • Rowdy
              Rowdy commented
              Editing a comment
              The Heinze wiper I have that still has about 70% original paint seems to be strong. The OD wipers I have had in the past did not seem as strong. Time will tell as I am a longs ways from having the opportunity to drive in the rain. Rod

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            Looking for someone that does repair work on original Model A electric wipers. Mine works well for the most part but there is some notchyness in the transmission. Most of the time it only swings the blade about halfway through its range of motion. Not entirely sure what model mine is, I think it's a Heinze HA-C2.

            On the other hand, if someone has good instructions on getting the gearbox...
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            I am considering going to electric wipers, looking at the nu-rex .
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            Model A Electric Wiper on Ebay
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            Check out this wiper motor on ebay. Looks like it's for a Model A but more interesting is the farmer fix wiper arm....
            These numbers do NOT refer to quantity in any way. Unsure if it works.
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            i picked up a couple of wiper motors at Hershey, which got me trying to get a few to work. Out of six, I was able to get two to work. One really well, and one sort of. The major problem is the main chamber where the paddle is located. The early pot metal has developed pimples or blisters and is not smooth enough for the paddle to seal. Has anyone tried to repair this? If the spots were filled...
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            The roadster has a thin piece of wire holding the wiper arm up. Vacuum motor, good looking housing, I assume original. I guess this might be something I piddle with soon. Do the wipers work ok when all is well, or just rainx the glass and go on? What is everyone doing?
            08-23-2018, 09:25 PM
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            Wiper Motor Help
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            Hello All,

            New member here. My father passed away, so his 1956 F100 Panel Truck now lives in my shop. I found a box of new parts, when cleaning out his garage, so I wanted to start putting them on the truck. The first thing I started to tackle was installing new wiper arms and blades.

            I discovered that he had disconnected the linkage arm from the motor that goes to the passenger...
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 1 photos.
            04-09-2020, 10:36 AM